Thank you for visiting my site. This is a reflective look, at aspects of life, which rarely get the focus they deserve.

The authors interest is in a varied, organic based, approach to lifestyle and nutrition, based on principles formed from Johanna Budwig, Carey Reams, Weston Price, Rudolf Steiner and many others. With particular interest in energy dynamics, within nutrition, physiology and the environment, related to Biological Ionisation, Electron enrichment, chi and many other often borderland subjects. Which the author believes clearly demonstrate the link foods , and the environment, have to us energetically, and especially in terms of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

If some of the narratives, seem curious, or incomprehensible, please know the site is chiefly, for my children, For once grown, they will have family teachings which will make many things here (hopefully) readily understood, to them. They are what this is all about, for me.

If you find something of value here, please consider supporting this site, by eating better (food, feelings, actions), it helps think better, maybe?!


Rainbow Qi – Relearning the way

Recently, have been contemplating ”The Rainbow Body”, whether it was this which graced Jesus during his resurrection? Deep research has been carried out, citing various Tibetan recounts (much like Wilhelm Reich changing weather), of dedicated Adepts, who have lived in a virtuous manner, attaining these characteristics (Rainbow aura, shrinking to virtually nothing, in multiple cases …

No. 6-7-8 Eagles

We live at Spreadeagle Cottage, which looks onto Spreadeagle Hill. So, today, on fathers day, my itinerary was ”Gift Gold to Spreadeagle Hill and watch Star Wars with kids for the first time. We prepared, by selecting three pieces of Golden Orgonite, plus this time some old coins turned up, so a 1952 Six pence …


Hello there,

My life has taken me (us) on a journey, of researching numerous borderland subjects, many of which have found way into our lifestyle, we hope you may find something of interest here.

ChooseLife is a nod to Carey Reams, of whom I have read many essays and his Book ‘Choose Life or Death!’ (though chiefly I think of it as a personal reminder, to choose life enriching options). Though my real depth of research into pH and the notions of High Brix and Mineral density, has been through studying the excellent thoughts of Moreless, and others, who were heavily influenced by Reams.

Previously I had a website called OrgoniteMoksha.co.uk this was concerned with Orgone/Chi, between 2004-2010 myself and John were the UK’s most prolific makers of Orgone energy devices, both not for profit, during this period of time I encountered some deeply profound events, which has in turn led to a dramatic shift in personal philosophy, outlook and sensitivity.

Nothing is for sale, just some thoughts.

Wishing you all well,

Rich and family


Rich n sis largin’it, Mallorca 73