Vegan Budwig Blend Trial

Sulfur rich proteins, how do we get those in a plant based form, to create a vegan Budwig mix which is not an inferior second cousin.

Enter – Sprouted and Fermented Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein.

It has a Sulfur protein profile as below (per 21g serving) :

Cystine 380mg

Methionine 360mg

Total Sulfur protein : 740mg

This is sufficient protein to bind 3.5 or 4 Tablespoons of Flax Oil, theoretically making it water soluble per Johanna Budwig. In the next month I will try this method, using 3 tablespoons of Flaxoil and 21g of Rice protein.

Decided on Chocolate, in the hope I can bring my girls along on this journey.

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