Arya can forward roll

Due to challenges of quite epic proportions, Arya has always been highly sensitive, especially with being upside down.

During the past year, she has developed through this fear, she has been challenging herself and been able to push through some deep seated fears, the drive of a younger sister who exhibits outstanding innate physicality, pushing her on.

We gave Arya Sacral-Cranial sessions, milk discomfort causing insomnia being the action trigger, the first afternoon after her first treatment, she slept for 6hours straight (the first such period since being home from Hospital at 42weeks), so that became weekly, tapering to monthly after about 6months. I will always recall how her Physio said at her 9month appraisal with her then Consultant “is she, isn’t she?” in relation to her having Cerebral Palsy, due to her jittering and lacking of key movement sets. In my heart I believe she had sugar epilepsy, a pancreas and liver unable to stabilise, long after a triggering incident at 22 weeks 5days.

At 6months we were encouraged by all to start weening, but I felt heavy discomfort at this, so we decided to offer foods, puree veg mainly, some egg yolk & Liver first (strange as a long term vegetarian to suggest this to my non-veggie wife), but not Rice, Wheat et al. Believing the research showing the particular amylase enzymes needed for starch carbohydrates is weak to none in such infancy, especially my precious daughter who had been through such trauma. Instead she stayed on pretty much full milk (from 12months as mothers slowed, we introduced a homemade formula, which mimicked mothers milk in a multitude of factors, with good quality ingredients, Western Price Foundation + Udos choice infant probiotic, an alkaline mineral and trace mineral complex drink), she liked some foods, many not. No starch carbs until 18months, we decided, then very moderate there on after.

She had Epsom Salts baths regularly, plentiful Magnesium to allow muscular relaxation.

Through 6-20months Arya smoothed out in her jitter, with it, very slowly, she grew stronger and was up on her feet, walking, at 21months. At a funeral wake, choosing her moment!

At around 2years, her Lead Physio said “Arya’s been the biggest surprise of my career, she shouldn’t have come through this unscathed”. Unscathed may have been slight hyperbole in the widest context, but largely she was.

We did not do many of the exercises given us by her Physio, at first we tried some, with enthusiasm, but it was clear she wasn’t ready for most, and as parents we knew she was developing, just at the very slow end, so decided to leave her to develop at her own rate, plus her prematurity factoring in meant she was clearly hitting mile stones, just miles late!

As the years pass, Arya has continued to shine, this year, she has fought through her upside down phobia, by first forward rolling, over our sofa back, onto the front cushioned area for her back, with plentiful cushions on the floor. Once she did this once, she did it 20 times, most still arching her back, or twisting her head, to avoid the trust of ‘upside down’ in herself. One success, and the mental struggle still persisted, so the will to prevail fought muscle memory of fear in the position ready to trust yourself as you forward roll.

The next session, some days later, Arya did 20 or more, the first few still with my hands there to help her trust she was safe. Then she tried with cushions on the carpet floor, but was not ready to trust in herself free rolling (as the sofa gave a back to learn on and balance as she tried to test position she could trust), like a harness or safety wheels might buffer feelings of danger, plus at 7 the Arms of the sofa are like padded barriers with favourable angles if impact occurs (just relaying, not advising!), after time she became able to throw herself with gusto into rolling, fairly head on, over the sofa chair.

Then, this week (coming up 7 3/4), she rolled, on cushions, but she rolled in a full head tucked straight lined, forward roll, such a beautiful moment.

Fragile beginnings

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