Rainbow Qi

Recently, have been contemplating ”The Rainbow Body”, whether it was this which graced Jesus during his resurrection?

Deep research has been carried out, citing various Tibetan recounts (much like Wilhelm Reich changing weather), of dedicated Adepts, who have lived in a virtuous manner, attaining these characteristics (Rainbow aura, shrinking to virtually nothing, in multiple cases including Jesus, Padmasambhava, et al. the body is gone completely?).

Depiction of Padmasambhava, in Rainbow Aura, perfect inner refraction?

So, why is this not a less arcane subject? Where is the deeper research from a Qi perspective? Maybe it will be revealed to us, as the time feels right?

The Jade Emperor – Showing Rainbow Aura

This subject is dear to my heart, as for 18 years, in varying degrees of dedication and clearness of mind and ego, have immersed in the area of Qi. Some mysteries surrounding Qi, Orgone, Prana, seem to be allowing a peak inside, it feels at the point looking was not the focus, only feeling, that some of this has started becoming clear.

Here is a gallery, of pictures, which show something of ”Rainbow Light”, just a guy playing around in the shed (AKA Man Cave…).

Harness and focus light, imbue with Qi
Cracks, bubbles, it matters little in this context…
This was a calming, yet invigorating play date!
Light effects such as Kirlian photography, have shown Orgone Aura, an early gifting enabler of OrgoniteMoksha had two taken, one without, one holding a piece, the photographer was amazed.
Focusing the Qi imbued Sunlight, this felt beautiful as it looks, but got very hot very quick!!!

This is the same piece, which showed these characteristics whilst being constructed;

This reminds me of a drawing by Laozu, our first evening together.

Since making this batch, of 6 HHg’s ( Holy Hand Grenades, in my dear late friends and teachers wording, pioneer spirits Don & Carol Croft) and a few small pieces, plus putting ingredients on the ’Positive Plateau’ of the Cloudbuster, the skies have been filled, with Chemtrails and Sylphs cleaning right through them.

Spirit cloud casting a shadow upwards? Gives a sense of firmament?

When researching Upside Down Rainbows, found many pictures, where they appear in skies with Sylphs, Spirits…

This atmospheric swirl, or, Sylph trails, is soo very similar to the Skies here.

Bless this summer!!!

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