Brain pH Linked to Alzheimers

pH imbalance in brain cells may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease

Study identifies potential drug targets to reverse problem found in tiny organelles in astrocytes

August 2, 2018
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Scientists say they have found new evidence in lab-grown mouse brain cells, called astrocytes, that one root of Alzheimer’s disease may be a simple imbalance in acid-alkaline — or pH — chemistry inside endosomes, the nutrient and chemical cargo shuttles in cells.

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ChooseLife notes = Interestingly the pH of 6.21 was the average of those not affected, this is close to the tissue pH Carey Reams suggests we should be trying to be within (Below is a scheme showing the concept pH Range Of Acceptance):

Previously, I have seen some evidence, which Moreless cited, which showed that Fish demonstrate levels of Mercury tissue saturation, not chiefly based on the mercury levels of the water, but rather the pH. This strongly suggests that it is the pH which was the chief uptake driver of Mercury into tissue, not the levels of Mercury as you may assume (the studies showed a lake with lower pH and lower Mercury had Fish with higher levels of Mercury than another lake with higher pH and higher Mercury).

“Of interest, recent studies have shown that mercury levels in
water in a water-sediment partition system of high pH value were
higher than those in a comparable system of low pH (MATSUMURA et
al. 1972). Thus, we have the enigma of lower mercury content in
fish inhabiting waters of higher pH and comparably higher mercury
concentration. It appears that mercury concentration in water is
not the only factor controlling the amount of mercury in fish.” Full

This leads me to ponder, if similar is happening in our brains, with Aluminium starting to become more neuro-toxic as our pH drops? 

This similar principle, applied to dental Mercury, may explain why some do not suffer with amalgams, yet many feel they do? Perhaps those who suffer have generally lower saliva pH, which triggers the harmful effects, often believed to be from this element. 

(Alzheimers & Aluminium research = Link)


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