Lecture of Dr John Christopher 1978

Dr John Christopher

Anybody who is interested in health-I’m interested in them because, you know, this has been one of the most interesting lives i’ve had. It had been a little different, I guess than the rest of them. I happen to be the luckiest person in this room-so lucky because the Lord made it possible for me to be “born sick.” I was born with rheumatoid arthritis, born with it. This is some-thing you’re supposed to only get from eating rich viands and drinking wines, you know, but I was taken from the orphans’ home when I was 14 months old, and I don’t think the orphans’ home gave me wines and rich viands, and so this was hereditary, and this is one of the things that is so-interesting in life. Are we going to pass on our sins of omission or commission or are we going to clean them up?

I am here to tell-you tonight, in simple language, there are no incurable diseases, absolutely. It may sound a little abrupt and a little strong, but it is an absolute fact. There are no incurable diseases. There are some incurable -patients, but no incurable diseases, and the reason we have incurable patients,there are several reasons. One of them could be that the individual is a hypochondriac who enjoys ill-health-one convinced against their will is of the sane opinion still—and we can’t do much for them. Another is that their time has come because everything moves in its time and season. There is an hour to be born and an hour to die.And if a person’s time has come—we have had this demonstrated many times—people have been brought to us with just the skin over the bones, skeletal remains, rapidly dying with sores all over their bodies. In some cases, they have been cursing God because of the pain. In a matter of a short time we bring that body back to normal size. The sores are healed, and they feel better than they have felt for many years, but then they say, “it is so wonderful to feel good, but my time has come, I’ve got to go.” And I have seen them die within hours, within a day or two days after they say, “My time has come in.”

The only way that we can keep this body in good condition is to go back to the basics, and the basics are so simple that I think we have overlooked them. The good Lord made us from the dust of the earth, “From dust thou art and to dust shalt thou return.” But in the dust of that earth, we have everything that is needed in mankind, and that’s why we were built from the dust. You can go out with a shovel and dig up a shovel-full of dirt from a good piece of soil, put it on a piece of equipment, and you’ll get an analysis of most of the 17 basic and the 70 trace minerals that are in the human body. They are all in that soil–in the dust of the earth we’re made of. We can take those minerals and with an Osborn separator, by molecular weight, pull the lead over here, the iron over here, the copper, the zinc, put then in their divisions, make them pharmaceutically fine, put them in the capsules or tablets, and take them into our bodies. You can get them at most pharmacies–flowers of sulphur, your iron, and different things. They’re there for you to use and they can go right into the body, and they are accepted into the body. This is the terrific thing! They are accepted into the body, but they are not assimilated. There’s your key! They lie there heavy because they are of low vibration, and they will vibrate to the areas that are weak, or the sickly parts of the body, and as they lie there, they cause side effects and after effects. We wonder how we’re going to get those minerals into our body because when it starts to fall to pieces at the seams, we have to rebuild it, refurbish it, and take care of it because God will not dwell in an unclean tabernacle, and this is the Temple of God, There is only one way it can be rebuilt and that is through the dust of the earth. I’m not saying be a dirt eater. I’m saying let’s go back and read the instructions. You know when all else fails, follow the instructions. There’s your key! And what are the instructions? Well, this body was built by God and I’ll go back to his instructions, regardless of the great intellectual minds of man, because He has given a complete picture, everything that we need, right there.

In 1941 1 got turned on to the scriptures because I was told that I couldn’t live past my 40th year. Four imminent physicians told me that it was impossible for me to go past my 40th year and, if I did, it would be a very short time before I would be either in a hospital, in a wheelchair, or incapacitated. Well, it was enough to frighten anybody, but I turned to the scriptures and refused to go their way. I didn’t want my back fused. I didn’t want operations for my cancer. I didn’t want the things done that they were going to do, and I found,in the scriptures, my answer. Well, the four men who told me I would die by the time I was 40, three of them are dead, and the fourth one is on the skids. I am averaging 120 cities a year and I’m on the go, and I LOVE IT! And I praise the Lord because he made me so sick that I had to learn on my own how to come out of it.

Well, after a period of time, I found the answer in the scriptures. Of course, we’re told what foods we’re to eat. In Genesis 1:29 and 30, we are told that all green, seed-bearing herbs are the food for man and for beast. That’s the meat for man and beast. In Ezekiel 47:12, it tells us that the fruit of the tree shall be for meat and the leaf thereof for medicine. When we go on into this, now don’t worry, I get on the pulpit for a few minutes, but I’ll get, back on the podium, so don’t panic, because the pulpit part of it are the instructions. When all else fails, follow instructions. But I found a scripture that was absolutely fantastic and it is the answer. In Psalms 104:14, we have an answer to how we get the food out of the dust of the earth and build this body from the dust of the earth and that says, in part, “and I have given grasses for the cattle to eat.” But here is the key in Psalms 104:14., “but I have given herbs for the service of man that he may with it bring forth from the earth FOOD,” and there is your key! The seed, from the seed bearing herbs that are to be our meat, goes down into the earth, and with a little heat, a little sun, and a little moisture. it has a power because God, in the fact that he told us that if we had the faith of a mustard seed, we could move mountains, and every seed has that. I have seen 300,000 seeds and plants, when I was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, that had been collected and put into fireproof storage, catalogued, 300,000 of them. Those seeds look an awful lot alike. But, here is the amazing part about it, Man can build a seed that looks exactly like God’s. You can’t even tell them apart, even with a microscope. I defy you to. Very smooth operation! But we do have a test to tell which seed is which. Plant the two of them in the earth; under the same condition, and the seed that man made is so stupid it doesn’t do anything but rot, but the one that God made has the power of God in it and it goes down and, like the mustard seed who never went to school and didn’t learn and a little of that'” It goes down into the earth and it says, “I am going to have this and I am going to have that,” and it gets it because it has faith of the mustard seed. It could move mountains.

One of the seeds that I am so intrigued with is called “yellow dock.” Yellow dock seed goes down into the earth and it starts, like an Osborn separator, to pull to it the minerals that are there in the dust of the earth and it pulls a number of them to it, but 42% of those minerals is iron. Iron! It is one of the strongest iron plants we’ve got. How does it happen to work? It takes the dead, inorganic minerals, through the process of osmosis, changes them to live, high-vibrating minerals that, formerly in the dust of the earth, could only be accepted into our body, but as it goes through plant life, as it tells us in Psalms 104:14, to bring food forth from the earth, it, by osmosis, makes those minerals change to live minerals. Now they can be accepted into the human body. It’s so simple, All we have to know is which herbs to use. There are only three or five hundred thousand of them. No problem! No problem! We’re not even going to worry about that because Hippocrates with 29 herbs, 29 herbs of the odd herbs that were known at that time, saw that everybody on the Isle of Cos was healed and there were no contagious diseases at all and his fame spread from city to city, and eventually Rome took over his program and outlawed all other types of medicine, outlawed everything else unless they went on the wholistic routine: of course, the wholistic routine is anything that is beneficial to mankind, that cannot hurt him: that is the wholistic program of healing. And so for 600 years Rome had no contagious diseases because they went on the wholistic routine. And, then of course, we got back to the old medieval setup. Now we aren’t as smart as Hippocrates, but with less than 100 herbs, we have herbal formulas that will cure any type of disease known on the face of this earth. That’s why I say there are no incurable diseases

You talk about cancer. You talk about cancer of the bone. You talk about diseases that are sent home to die, incurable. That’s what we built a practice on. For 35 years I have built a practice on the culls after they have been turned down, sent home to die, or given the answer, “There is no more we can do for you except maybe relieve the pain a little.” Those were my patients, and they grew, and grew, until they were running 85 to 90 patients a day, with a staff of 14, but our results were unusual

People asked me not too long ago how it was that we got such phenomenal success, and so I sat down and wrote the smallest book that I have written. We have a number of booklets that we have gotten on the market, a new one just coming out, “Childhood Diseases.” But this particular one I wrote and the title I put on it is a ridiculous title. It is called “The Incurables.” They are incurable, why worry about them? It’s the incurables that can be handled with this program. I’ve put it out line by line, precept upon precept, point by point, and it can be done in your own home. It’s a “do it yourself” kit. Yes! You can take multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, polio, stroke. You can take tumors of the brain. You can take cancer, advanced cancer. You can, take cancer of the bone. And they can be healed! Sounds like Buck Rogers, doesn’t it? Sounds like I’m out of character here. Herbs? Surely! The Lord gave them to us and they’re here for us to use, but what have we done? We have pushed them in the background. We’ve ignored them and we’ve become very complicated and the Lord wants us to be, I think, a little more on the simple way

So what’s the key? We go back again to the scriptures and it says all herbs I, the Lord, have given you for the use of man in their wholesome state–IN THEIR WHOLESOME STATE. Look up that word wholesome in Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary and the word wholesome means that the life there is as in its original state. All right! We’re talking about different things that are supposedly killers in herbs. We talk about saffron which is taken from sassafras, and saffron is a killer. Well, you know, the number of years that I have had sassafras tea as a kid, we weren’t smart enough to take the saffron out and take it by itself and kill ourselves. We took the sassafras in its wholesome state and the balance of it offset anything that would be disastrous to you just like we have an herb called cinchona, Peruvian bark. Cinchona is one of the great herbs that’s down in Central and South America. Of course, here we have the quaking aspen and others that will do the same thing, but this is just a good example. The pharmaceutical’s sent their groups down to gather some of this to see what could be done, because it was internationally known wherever it was used as being the greatest cure for fevers that could ever be found, whether they were the worst types of killing jungle fevers or whatever they were. But you could take the bark of the Peruvian tree, make it into a tea, and let a person drink as much tea as they would want, as much as they could hold with reason, of course. Use all herbs with prudence and skill the scriptures say. You don’t want to put 10 gallons of herbs into a three quart capacity, you know, but it will clear any fever there is. And so the pharmaceutical houses said, “Well, here’s what we need. Mankind needs it.” So they started to tear that bark to pieces. They pulled off this; they pulled off that; and they tossed out this, and they chucked this away, and they wound up with a little white crystalline material. This little white crystalline material he said “That’s the key; that’s what killed the fever That’s it.” So they’ put it into capsules and tablets and you can go to any pharmacy and get it right now. Go down to the pharmacy. Don’t ask for cinchona; don’t ask for Peruvian bark, ask for quinine. That’s what they took out of Peruvian bark–quinine.” But take enough quinine and you’re deaf. You’ll never hear again. Take an additional amount and it will kill you! IT WILL KILL YOU! It has skull and crossbones on it. Why? Because it is not taken in its wholesome state. Isolated. There’s your key

The herb in its wholesome state. Now, the Peruvian bark is harmless. You can give it to a small infant. You can give it to anybody and it will do nothing but good for them. But when you isolate out the specific, you’re asking for trouble. Anything in its wholesome state—but of all the herbs that we have on the face of the earth-and by the way every one of you here today are here because of herbs. I know what’s going through your minds. “I don’t drink any of that stuff. ” Wow! An herb is anything that is green and seed bearing and what’s on the face of this earth. All of our vegetation is from seed-bearing herbs. All right! Take those out of the face of the earth and what have we got? A sterile earth and there’ll be no animation if there isn’t vegetation. So you wouldn’t be here today and I wouldn’t be here today. This is a fact and so you’re here because of herbs. Ah! We’ll get you one way or another. Now those herbs can be divided down the middle. Part of these herbs we use medicinally and part of them we use nutritionally. I don’t like the word medicinal but Ezekiel used it. He says, “The fruit of the tree shall be for meat and the leaf thereof for medicine. ” But, nevertheless, the herbs that we have for dinner-fruits, vegetables, grains,nuts, and seeds, and they are luscious and delicious when they’re prepared properly-that’s for nutrition. But if you don’t eat those properly and eat enough. of them and have your grains which are extremely important because your grains are your anticancer. All right, if you don’t have those in your diet, drop around and I’ll mix you up a bunch of leaves. – It’ll be nasty enough that maybe it will drive you back to eating properly

We have all types of herbs but there are three types that a true herbalist will not use and will refuse to use. No. 1 – we will never use a toxic herb. No. 2 – we will never use a poisonous herb, and No. 3 – we will never, under any condition, use a habit-forming herb. That still leaves plenty of herbs. Out of the 300,000, folks, there’ll be four or five I won’t talk on today so we’ll get out in time. Don’t worry, not going to hold you. But those herbs are precious. With the fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, you can live a thousand years. Sound crazy. But stop and think a minute. From the time of Adam down to Noah, you have no history of meat eating. None! And if you don’t believe in the Bible, if you don’t believe in the old sriptures, go back to Josephus, bless his soul. He was a hard-headed historian and he’ll tell you the same thing. There was no meat eating. The were vegetarians, from Adam down to Noah, and they lived close to a thousand years — Methuee elah 969, Adam well over 900, so forth and so on, but, when the Ark landed on Mt. Ararat, —it landed on a sterile area and the Lord had written a book already and the play was perfect according to the way the book was written. He had told them to put seven of the clean, only two of the unclean on, of the animals, and when they landed, as it says in my religion-I happen to be a Mormon-and it says meat should be used only during times of cold winters and famine. Well, they were hit at a time of famine, and so they went to work and started eating meat and they got hooked on it. Yes. They liked it. Now you wish you hadn’t come because you still got some of that roast in the refrigerator. Don’t worry, folks. I’m not trying to push anything down your throats. I’m not to push vegetarianism down you because most vegetarians are on the wrong track anyhow. They just stop eating meat and they eat all the garbage that’s still left on the market that’s highly advertised to tease the taste buds. They take the junk foods.” This isn’t a true vegetarian. But it’s there for you to use, if you want to, and you can go back to living a thousand years. You know, after Noah and his friends started using meat, it took just three generations-go back and trace it down -three generations, to drop from nearly 1,000 years to 120 years. The life span of a man dropped to 120 years in three generations.” We have a hard time now making threescore and ten. Yes! Where does that fit us? It fits us pretty heavy because we have a promise. You may believe it or you may think it’s Just fiction, but we have a promise, folks, that ahead of us is 1,000 years of peace, a thousand years of peace. I’d like a week. Yes! I’d like a week when someone isn’t locking over my shoulder to see if they can slip the handcuffs on. You think that’s being facetious? Whenever I hit a new city, I always call my wife to tell her what hotel or what jail I’m in. From the things we have taught over the years, I’ve been in and out of those jails many, many times to try and keep this thing going, and it’s kept going, and now the pendulum is swinging our way be cause people are beginning to realize that it is the natural things of God, the pure simple things in their wholesome state in keeping away from processed foods, that will cure any disease.

No. 1. We have to clean that bowel out! We have one of the dirtiest bowels in the world in this Nation today. Over 90% of all disease is caused from the dirty bowel, 90%. So let’s clean it out, and there are ways that it can be done–that it can be done that are not habit forming–and yet you can have from three to five bowel movements a day. Now that is the first step for getting ahead of cancer.

The second’ step is to clean up the blood stream. You know, people haven’t stopped to think. You have boils and you go and have them lanced, tapped, and drained, and you say, “Well, I’ve had all the boils lanced, tapped, and drained; they’re all done now. I never have to worry about ’em any more.” People say, “You’re nutty. You’ve bad ’em all your life. How do you expect that to do it?” It’s the same principle. They say, “Well, maybe I better clean up my blood stream. We don’t stop to think. When cancer hits, it hits a weak area, and the cancer is in the blood stream, and it hits that weak area and that’s where it multiplies! So we cut it out like we’re opening a boil and what happens? You say, “Well, we got the cancer out.” You worked on the effect but you haven’t gone to the cause and the cause is in the blood stream because just give it a few more months, and she’s going to pop out some place else, and again some place else until finally, they open you up, look in, sew you up, and send you home. I’ve had many of these cases. All right! Let’s reverse this. Let’s reverse it and get away from those things that are accepted into the body but not assimilated. Let’s get back to natural foods again. There is the key of long life and you think it can’t be done. I can’t get along without my steak. I can’t get along without my meat; it’s impossible.

Ihe Lord left on the face of this earth another animal besides us. You think that’s insulting calling you an animal? Well, you don’t have feathers. You’re not birds. So you must be animals. I am. He left another animal and it’s called a gorilla and the gorilla is built with every organ in it that you and I have. Every organ is identical. You can take the organs from a gorilla and put ever here, and ones from a human put over here, and have you folks come in single file. And you’d look at them and you couldn’t tell which were the organs from the human and which were from the gorilla. Oh, maybe some smart cooky would come along and say, “That one looks healthier than that one; that must be the gorilla. ” Could be! Could be! Someone else says, “Well, that one has a bigger brain than that one. I guess that’s the human. ” That is the human, and that’s why it has such a sickly body because it’s been to school and learned the negative. The gorilla has to depend on the power of God to guide it along. He doesn’t bring in any foods from Minneapolis, ‘St. Paul, Hawaii, or St. Joe. He grazes under his own fig tree, in his own backyard, in his own altitude, latitude, and longitude, where we should grow most of our foods. In our own area, and he be comes obnoxously healthy. A lot of people say, “Well, why do you compare us? I don’t look like a gorilla.” Well, some of my patients didn’t. No! But some of them do. As far as that gorilla is concerned because he depends on the Lord, the Lord says, “Look. You are like a human. You’re built to be a vegetarian. You’re not a carnivorous beast. Just eat right. ” And so they do in their natural habitat. They live to be 150 to 200 years old. They won’t in our cages where we feed them, but in their natural habitat, and then they generally die because of accident, but when they die, they look like they’re 35. They hold their youth. But I’ll tell you something else they hold. Right up until the time they are ready to die, I defy any of you to get into the ring for two falls out of three. Yes, two falls out of three. Yes! And I’ll tell you something else. When that gorilla at 150 to 200 years of age dies, he has his own teeth and he has his own hair. Can you beat that. And what did he live on? -fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds.

And I talked about 1 000 years of peace. What are the qualifications? The qualifications are that every man must be at peace with his fellow man, that there will be no death or hurt in all my kingdom. How are we gonna be at peace with our fellow man? You know. You can’t be at peace when you’re constipated. We can we ever have peace if we have got a lot of constipated warriors sitting around the peace table ? You can’t do it.All right! Let’s start at home. Let’s clean ourselves up. Let’s get on the program and clean up the bowel, clean up the blood stream, get back onto the mucousless diet, but the true mucouseless diet isn’t Arnold Ehret’s because, up until just before he died, he eliminated all grains. He said, “Don’t use grains.” Prevention magazine backed that up, but let me tell you, the Lord didn’t because in Ezekiel 4, he even enumerates the grains and the beans, and the lentils. You know, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego-they were pretty healthy people–and the king said, “They are wiser than all my wise men in my kingdom.” But they lived on lentils. They lived on those very things that we have been advised against using by the intellectual mind of man. But with using the natural foods that are not processed, you’d be amazed what can happen. We have a grain of wheat that is the best example I think I can give you today of what processing does–of taking things from their wholesome state. That wheat, we take it, take the outside coating off which is bran, throw it away, give it to the horses. Then the next coat is shorts; that feeds the chickens and the turkey’s. We don’t want it to last on the shelf just a little while, we want it to last a long while. So we pull the heart out of it. What can live without a heart? So we pull the heart out pull the oils out so we can use it for lubricating something or other, and we’ve got white flour left. Now, folks, don’t sell white flour short. It’s great! Absolutely great! You take a pan of white flour and mix it with water, put it on that wall and put wallpaper on there and you can’t pull the wallpaper off. It’s great as a paste. It a wonderful. So where does that fit with us? Well, we’re not putting any wallpaper in us, or on us, but we eat our breads,’ and our pastries, and our Twinkles, and we make up our paste inside. We haven’t any wallpaper to put on, but each layer of paste puts on another layer of old fecal matter and glues it on the side of the bowel wall until it gets thicker, and thicker, and thicker.Cut that bowel wall in two on a descending colon in autopsy and it’ll look like an old tree that’s been cut down, You have got your year marks and you can tell the lush years when you had a lot of money to spend on pastries. Yes! Those year marks show how you lived and it’s stored in there. I always tell people, sure, hard times might come, store your food up, but don’t store it in the’ bowels. Store it in the basement. Yes. All right.

We’ve got now another thing. With the grains you have in the grains every vitamin that’s needed in mankind’s body. You have all the vitamin B’s, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 18, 109, 111, 113. You haven’t heard of those. I haven’t either, but the Lord knows all about them and they are in there. Man hasn’t caught upwith with Him yet. But all of the vitamin B’s, C’s,, D’s, and E’s are in there, every one of them ! And if we will eat them in their wholesome state, learn how to pre-soak, and low heat, you can make the most delicious, terrific casseroles, and you can have food that is fit for a king, and you are the kings and queens if you’ll just follow through with each different thing that happens to the body. Sometimes diet alone won’t do it. Maybe you fall over with a heart attack. I’ve been called out on hundreds of cases of heart attacks, house calls, and I go there and I see the person lying on the floor, passed out, barely mumbling and I say, “Well you had a heart attack. You better go on a proper diet.” They say, “That guy is crazy. We always put nitroglycerin under the tongue, digitalis , or something else.” We don’t do that in our program. Your nitroglycerine, digitalis, it’ll flip that heart, get it coming and keep it going a little while longer, yes. Well, what do we do? We prop the individual up and pour down him a cup of cayenne tea, hot cayenne tea. What are we doing? We’re not working on the effect. We’re going to the cause and what is the cause? Malnutrition. That person has been starved and that heart hasn’t had a good heart food for a long time. But the cayenne is one of the most perfect foods you can give, that and hawthorne berry and some of these. But you know what? A man in the east here, a doctor, kept heart tissue from a chicken alive 15 years in a sterile beaker with nothing but distilled water and feeding it cayenne. He had to trim that every few days because it had no pineal or pituitary control and it just kept growing and would have split the beaker open. But he kept trimming it down and for years that heart tissue kept alive with nothing but cayenne pepper as its food. His associates after he died, kept it alive for another two years before they destroyed it. This is why we say, any organ in the body that’s s in malfunction, we have herbs that’ll take care of it. As an example, the pancreas, and how many are dying from diabetes? How many are being put in the asylums from hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, because they don’t know what else to do with them. That could all be done with herbs and we have had some of the worst cases of diabetes and hypoglycemia cleared within one year’s time, the worst cases and no recurrence. Why? Because we have fed that pancreas. We have gone to the cause and cleared up the pancreas and the other glands that associate with it by feeding it the right herbs. You see, there are herbs for each part of the body. This is the wonderful part. Your cascara sagrada, sure it’s a mild laxative, but the cascara sagrada is a thinking herb and when you take it into your body, where does it go? It goes directly to the perislaltic muscle in the bowel. Most people in this room and most people as you walk along the street you meet, they have peristaltic muscles that are either lazy, dormant, or paralyzed, and they’re going to get bowel movements by forced action or laxatives, but that peristaltic muscle has quit working and your cascara sagrada goes in and feeds it. This is why we have that as one of the nine ingredients in our bowel food because what we’re doing is not working on the effect, getting a laxative and getting a bowel movement, whichmes is temporary and habit forming. We are going down to the basic cause and healing the peristaltic muscle, healing the liver and the gall bladder, healing the parts of the body that need help, but there are’ so many herbs, if you will Ju8t learn how to use them

Let me tell you about one. So me of you have heard about it, I know. I know you have. it’s called comfrey. Yes! Some people won’t use it because they say it was discovered in Russia. (You see, Russia tried to say they~invented the Ford car,) But this is the truth. It was discovered in Russia. We finally got it~over here, root, to grow in 1955, but I’ll tell you, it’s one of the great herbs of all times. I think it is a throwback from the Garden of Eden because of its great healing ability. Let me give you a formula here for comfrey in the form of a paste that is the healer of healers. You take equal parts of wheat germ oil and honey, regular liquid honey, equal parts and mix them up. Now you add into this powdered or finely ground comfrey root, or leaf, it doesn’t matter, or both, but grind it down fine, whether it’s fresh or dried, it doesn’t matter, but keep mixing it in until you have a thick paste. Now it’s ready to use. Third degree burns, third degree incurable burns, put it over these. Now you don’t have to believe what I’m telling you. Just go home, mix some up, and when you’ve got a burn, an abrasion, a severe cut,’ or a black eye, use it. And it works. Let me tell you how well it works. The first time that I ever had used it, I didn’t know enough about comfrey. This was back in 1968. I didn’t know much about it, but I knew that it was a great herb and I only wished that I had enough of it because we had to bring it in from either France or England and we couldn’t afford to at this time because it hadn’t been growing enough that we had a big enough supply. They brought me in a little boy that had been brought straight down from the hospital. He and his little ten-year old friend, the two of them had been playing with gasoline and matches and they had roasted their hands up to the wrists and when they took the bandages off, the bones were sticking out through the flesh; the nails were burned off; the tendons were gone. They had just come from the hospital where they were given a choice They could either have their hands cut off at the wrists and claws put on, metal claws, or they could leave them in the hospital for approximately a year and, through surgery and skin grafting, they could keep those hands but they would be claws, permanent mummified claws that couldn’t move. One couple said, “We’ll keep our boy here.” They said, ‘We can’t do anything until sometime next week, but we’ll keep him here if you want. ” The other one said, “We want to try something else. ” So they came down to me, folks, to let me see him. I looked at them and my compassion was with this boy. I wanted to see those hands healed but I didn’t know how to make up any kind of paste or anything else. At this time, you see, I was supposedly one of America’s top herbalists but I’m not that good. I Just don’t pull things out of thin air. I need a helper and I have one, and, right quick, no type of meditation or long prayers. I said, “Lord now, I need it.” And He gave me this and so I told them to write it down, equal parts of wheat germ oil and honey, put the comfrey in, and I said it was good for incurable third degree burns, for scalding, for cuts, abrasions, broken bones, many things. And I rattled it right off and they wrote it down. They made it up and the following week, now here it is. Both those boys hands had been burnt about alike and both of them were in the same condition. This boy they had put the paste over his hands and in one week’s time they took him back to the same doctor. They took the bandages off. He gasped and said, “This is a miracle. Instead of third degree incurable burns, it’s down to first degree burns. “Go on with what you’re using,” and he said “we will not have to use any surgery. They had used this paste that they had made up and it had come down to first degree burns instead of third degree incurables. The other boy–and by the way they went on using—-in the matter of weeks he has no ‘scars and his hands are as good as mine. The nails grew back on. The Lord left the plans and specifications and all the cartilage and everything came right back in again and his hands were perfect. But the other boy, in the same condition, it took nearly a year in the hospital. It cost over $150,000 and he came out at the end of the year with two mummified claws that were so horrible that they had to put gloves over them and he went on as a recluse. He wouldn’t even go out to school or any place after that and it cost them over $150,000. The insurance took care of almost everything except they were in the hole about 20 grand’ when they got through, after selling their house and their car, but this other boy that used the simple formula of God’s herbs, it cost them less than $10 for the initial and a little, bit mo re when they added on to finish the job off.

We have seen this very formula, folks, used on spines where cancer of the bone had perforated the spine from the atlas axis down to the tall bone so nothing could be fused in and I – 1/2 vertebrae completely eaten out with cancer of the bone. Six months from the time we started with this in giving the comfrey orally, this woman could get up and walk around. She was helpless lying there. They couldn’t even put a cast or brace on her and she was lying there waiting for death. In six months’s time, where the vertebrae and a half had been completely destroyed, and we have osteopathic physicians’ x-rays, before, during, and after, and it’s there, but the cartilage came in, in the same form that the original bones were, following the plans and specifications, she could get up and walk around. By the end of the year, the cartilage turned to bone and she has a spine that is as straight as any teenage spine in the entire city of Provo, Utah, where she was. But the whole thing was healed. The perforation, where they couldn’t fuse in, where the bones were so badly deteriorated, all came back to perfection, That was many years ago, This woman was x-rayed again, within the last six months, and her spine is as good as any teenager in town.

 Just remember, folks, don’t sell herbs short. They’re great and God bless you. Thank you

Book: School of Natural Healing by John Christopher

Source : https://healthfree.com/view_newsletter.php?id=157&key=b

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