Matteo Tavera’s – Sacred Mission

PREFACE: To “My Dear friends of Nature and to those people seeking happiness. M.T. I write to you today as MatteoTavera.

I wish to be brief and non–invasive as I offer you my work, the fruit of numerous years of reflections and observations. It took a long time to study and discuss my observations with Nature and to reach this hypothesis. Suddenly, one day a great enlightenment happened to me in full clarity.

Having discovered this truth, I cannot detach it from my spirit since Nature, in its total beauty, is more generous to me now that I finally understand it. Nature no longer teases me about its constant work, its rights and obligations engendered within. Now that I understand it, Nature reveals itself totally, and the intrigue becomes challenging.

LA MISSION SACREE, (SACRED MISSION) is the hypothesis on which I found my law. I present it to you, my dear Friend of Nature, today, for your pleasure, for your health, for the Earth and of all of its fruits. In addition, on this day as I converse with Nature, if you are disposed to take on the relay, I am then certain that many mysteries will also appear before you, just as luminous in total clarity as which occurred to me.

This work is destined to a certain category of persons who love Nature and show interest in the problems of life. As well, it includes those who think that not all is going so well on this earth, certainly not as it should. Who has not echoed a cry of alarm started by Illustrious American Biologist, Raquel Carson in her resounding book: “Silent Spring”? This work carries the introduction of Scientist Jean Rostand, stating “A strong voice calls us to give our help to Nature slowly being assassinated by men” and Roger Heim wrote the preface as director of “Musee National d’Histoires Naturelle” and PRESIDENT OF THE “ACADEMIE DES SCIENCES”. At that exact same time, Günter Schwab in Germany was shouting the same cries in his book: “Dance with the Devil”. The French version of this serious work was recognized in “La Presse” in France and Europe.

Many serious magazines around the world also show their great interest and concern in “Sicknesses of Civilization.” Are they not tired of the excess use of chemical products in the domains of agriculture, industry and food preparations? Besides the number of interested lay people ever increasing, including doctors and agronomists who have great concerns. Many associations are denouncing these dangers. Many others, grouping together, such as farmers wish to exercise their profession outside of the facilities offered by chemical products. In the same chain of thought, everyone knows that the food businesses, supposedly called “dietetic” or “weight losing” regimes, have an increasing success when they attach themselves more and more to the idea of securing or buying foods prepared without artifice, without adulteration, excepting the help of nature only.

None of this is a mystery. It becomes more and more popular.

My work’s aim is this subject. It has always been the object of many studies in the La Presse as well as in diverse writings. I am pleased to say here that the certitude of the progression of evil, physical and moral decrepitude, towards which we tend, does not come strictly from the causes mentioned. It comes from the non-observance of the law, of which I speak, at the beginning of this introduction. Awareness of this law is already a step able to help turn events. I will try to reach you, more, with my letters, following: I have destined them for you.

Full Work Here Reprinted without permission as email address now invalid.

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