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4minutes 35seconds in, man very similar to Carey Reams talks to Kuhlman, about being able to hear again attending that fateful night.
The Holy Spirit Performing Miracles Through Kathryn Kuhlman

It is a real shame that the Author didn’t include Carey Reams case with Kuhlman in his book. In ‘Choose Life Or Death’ Reams recounts that he was at the brink of death, after suffering shrapnel piercing, and lodging in, his Pancreas during military service.

This genius biochemist was not able to heal himself, he reflected that he felt he was in his last week of life, this is what precipitated his attendance of Kathryn Kuhlmans Healing Service. Reams tells how he had no faith in a healing, but was given glowing reference by someone, and everything else had failed him.

As we see at the very start of the video at the top, Reams was healed by the Holy Spirit!

After this point in Reams life he appears to change quite significantly, he talks of focusing on healing a boy ceaselessly, for days, like a deep meditative reflection (it is my belief that in such situations, the person may be able to connect/touch the universal consciousness, people who encounter near death, such as Reams, appear to perhaps create a soul version of ‘muscle memory’, where subsequently they gain a significant enhancement in ability to connect again to this source).

He comes to a profound realisation, after this sequence of events, that he understands a set of biological variables, which when he tests with some reasonably simple tools, can deduce the biological energy status of the host. This is what he terms Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI). This developed understanding and testing methodology, coupled with his background as an agronomist, saw him become famous locally.

Two local Hospitals began to refer lost causes to him, during the next years:

Reams said: We tested over 24,000 people in 1970-1971. Over 10,000 of those came to us as “terminal”. We lost five. Those five we couldn’t keep alive for 30 days. (10K were referred to him directly by doctors for hopeless cases. He worked directly with a Florida hospital and doctors, often with the “hopeless cases.”)

1 hour 10 minutes Carey Reams Full Praise For Healing
Kuhlman speaking on receiving her honorary Doctorate
Mental Attitude

Choose Life : I believe in miracles.

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  1. The man in the second video at 1 hour and 10 minutes, listed as Carey Reams, is not Carey Reams. Please correct your statements. Thank you.

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