pH : The Toxicity Arrow Piercing Modern Society

By ChooseLife

Why is it, that many modern diseases of high prevalence, affect some people and not others?

Well? It can’t be the Mercury, they said, as otherwise everyone would get it.

Well? It can’t be the Fluoride, our body needs and produces that.

Well? It can’t be the Aluminium, it’s prevalence means we have historical digestive capability to cope they say, it is such tiny amounts given medically they say.

Well? It can’t be poor diet, the body has homeostasis to set right such problems.

Until we start to look at life from another perspective, illness may hurtle towards us, regularly, with ever more velocity. Given the continual decline in soil quality, producing less vital fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds (even herbs). The problem is exacerbated by the emergence of processed sugars and flours, which in most guises are antagonistic to our biochemistry, chiefly Calcium (Magnesium, Iodine et al.), which might make a simple walk in the park dangerous, simply a cut or graze might cause an infection.

Why is it so? pH

Toxicity decreased with increasing pH 5.0-6.0 found most toxic
Low pH Saliva will make Fluoride progressively toxic to you.
This links the issues all together.

When fluids in the endosome become too acidic, the cargo is trapped within the endosome deep inside the cell. When the endosome contents are more alkaline, the cargo lingers at the cell’s surface for too long.

They found that mouse cell lines containing the Alzheimer’s disease gene variant had more acidic endosomes (average of 5.37 pH) than cell lines without the gene variant (average of 6.21 pH).

Pretty compelling picture.

The above research, clearly demonstrate that it is when pH of matter falls (or rises) out of its environmental bounds, matter starts to decay and becomes unable to buffer stronger opposing electromagnetic forces, demonstrated by the papers above showing it is pH dropping which really appears to make Mercury, Aluminium & Fluoride (Excessively) Toxic, even in the ‘low’ amounts suggested as safe by regulatory authorities.

This ticks all the boxes of “why some and not others” with Dental Amalgam, Vaccination related side effects (Aluminium Hydroxide pH 9.5 injected into an individual with a tissue pH in the 5.0-5.5 range is hugely more dangerous than an individual in the safer zone of 6-7 – the author believes this is the propellant of many debilitating diseases, the data presented in this article supports this theory).

So, we have a period eating poorly, high sugars, processed carbs, processed meats/dairy. Any part of this combination, as a core part of diet, to the wrong individual, will make the tissue pH plummet, it is all there in the studies. If individuals live like this, then the smallest of environmental pollutants may become lethal (because we lack the buffer system, which may allow the host sufficient robustness to cope, this is what gives the lymphatic system the traction to cycle these toxins out).

If you raise the pH of your terrain (eat more greens & more Omega 3!), you suddenly become less prone to infection and heavy metals become less toxic to you, it is almost like God was trying to pass a message to humanity through Carey Reams, isn’t it?

Higher Fruit and Vegetables, less meat, 22,000 people studied, raises pH of Urine:

 In conclusion, a more alkaline diet, higher fruit and vegetable and lower meat intake were related to more alkaline urine with a magnitude similar to intervention studies

Effect of urine pH changed by dietary intervention on uric acid clearance mechanism of pH-dependent excretion of urinary uric acid

High meat after 3 days, urine pH drops to 5.9

High Fruit Veg after 3 days, urine pH rises to 6.7

Study shows mean pH of Urine drops from 6.7 to 5.5 in people suffering diarrhea

Low urine pH is significantly associated with abnormal glucose tolerance; therefore, measuring urine pH might prove useful for identifying patients at high risk for diabetes.

Metabolic abnormalities in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

The majority of sufferers have urine pH below 5.5

Simply testing someones pH, may show clearly whether they have the biological capability, at all, to repel these neurotoxins, could life be so simple? (not that I advocate vaccination at all personally, or any unnecessary exposure to these nasty elements, full stop). However, If I was a worried parent, before deciding on vaccination I would test my childs urine pH, to get an indicator the gravity of danger my child faces. Then if their pH was below 6.0 maybe feed them more greens and good oil for a few weeks, test again, then make a more informed decision. This seems eminently sensible.

ChooseLife : pH balancing is the middle path. Developed from thoughts of Randall David Dew, it is time this great man was set free.

To note, the pH of the ‘high fruit and vegetable diet’, is higher than Carey Reams suggested we should attain, to produce perfect friction (or metabolic energy release between anionic and cationic elements in the body), he suggests 6.4 is perfect urine pH, the same for Saliva pH, which together denote the overall pH terrain status (the mean of 2x Urine 1x Saliva).

As the studies above all show, once your pH is in the range below 5.5 biological function becomes very difficult to sustain, without disease and illness. This dovetails Carey Reams profound teachings about Biological Ionisation, where he demonstrated multiple nutrients cannot be absorbed when the terrain is in this low pH condition (or excessively high also, as shown).

This is just a reflection, this is not advice.

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