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Laozu’s observations of the Golden Generator:

This is the best feeling piece of orgonite I have yet experienced.

 Somehow the sandwiching of pure yellow and white gold produces a remarkable effect:

relaxing and calming just above the red stone at the peak, and bright an joyful in a region

about the size of a soccer ball just over the physical part of the generator. The centre of

this ball of qi is about 8 inches (20 centimetres) above the bottom of the generator. If

one holds the piece so that this centre of qi lies in ones heart, the feeling there is

quite similar to that which one feels when he collects positive qi there with his

mind. When one hold the generator horizontally in front of the “third eye”

point, it brings a feeling of calm alertness to the head.



Don Croft

Rich – That’s a gorgeous, elegant device


Hi Rich,

Just picked up the parcel this morning, and it is

absolutely amazing, thank you so much.

The power coming from this thing is

 incredible and beautiful


Thanks again,


Again, beautifully executed and gorgeous to look at. Makes me feel REALLY good holding – the energy is wonderful, very heart opening. Thank you so much! I think you make by far the best looking HHG’s anywhere!

Blessings and much Love



 HHG’s are beautiful…and what a wonderful spiral! THANK YOU!

I can feel energy as tingling in my palms…I wanted

to feel orgonite of more skilled and experienced

maker to see if there is any difference.

It is simply pleasant feeling. 

I will enjoy every day

these peaces of art!

All the best!



O M G…..the energy of these devices is amazing!! Even

though I’m not all that sensitive I can feel

the power of your babies – they

 are just awesome!!

Could you please tell me what crystals you used, and is the ball

(which looks and feels stunning) different in


I was going to give some of these pieces away – but I’m not

sure now if I want to part with any of them..

Great craftsmanship and lovely energy.

Thanks a lot, Rich!

All the best
Love, C


 Thanks Rich – I’ve received both parcels this PM.

They all look great – nice work ūüôā



Thanks Rich, got my parcel yesterday (5th). They’re all wonderful.

Want to keep them all but i’m ment to be spreading

the love.Thank you again for your time

and for sharing your gift.

Take Care, LS


Hi Rich,

Just wanted to say the package just arrived and to say a huge Thanks!

They look great and I totally love the purple one ūüôā

The rose quartz one too is very nice –

as they all are ūüôā

Will check back into your site in future to see what other

colours and designs you are coming up with!

 Thanks again!



Hi Rich,

We have the parcel and the pieces are beautiful. Thank you very

much for the extras; it was terribly kind of you.

Kind regards,



Hi Rich,
My crystal paperweight (generator) arrived last Friday afternoon

and it is beautiful. Wish I felt energy. If its energy

 matches its beauty it’s a powerful winner for

sure. I love looking at it and holding it.

Yes, I am delighted with it.

Your workmanship

is exquisite.

  Thanks for letting me order it from you.   

Thanks ever so much!


Hi Rich,

I am almost speechless! Your package finally arrived!

Your creations are absolutely wonderful!

I am simply amazed – and the

feeling even tops it


I feel really honored to be one of the persons who received HHGs

from you. Thank you again and again

and …

The SBB is also wonderful. I will certainly recommend

you to all my friends who are into orgonite

(which are only few


All I can say and do is Thank you and send you a boost and

offer to boost you whenever you feel you

 need it…

Take care my friend!



Hi rich, the 1st parcel arrived today in perfect shape – thanks so much.

Pride of place in my office now – think I will figure out

a way of lighting it to bring out all the work

that’s gone into the

layout ūüôā

Thank you again and I look forward to the rest of

them arriving for other

rooms in the




Dear Mr.Rich,

Your beautiful orgonites have arrived safely yesterday ! But

what a beautiful tool !! You are a terrific artist !!

I am so grateful to you for that you

kindly made me these

beautiful ones…

Anyway thank you very much again and again for

these 12 celestial creations which

you made !!




Hi Rich. Hope you had a fruitful outing. Just thought I’d let you know about

my trip to see my kiniesiologist friend (kiniesiologist’s aren’t necessarily

energy sensitive but our bodies are). I had disguised the orgonite

(made by you) and an item of equal weight in identical containers

so that when when she placed the containers on me I had no

 idea which was which. The first container I didn’t notice

anything in my muscle reflex so I concluded that this

could not be the orgonite, I was then told that the

 next container could be the first again or the

second so i wouldn’t set myself up for a

difference. This time I couldn’t feel

anything again so concluded that

 this was 1st container (not


 My friend informed me that the 1st container had

 switched on all my radiant circuits (meridians)

and the 2nd hadn’t. Lo and behold, suprise

suprise the 1st container

had contained


 She then tested to see if it was a priority in my life and yes it was.

She then tested some bits that i had made which weren’t

as strong as yours, then she tested to see the best place to

put the orgonite i.e chakra/not chakra, legs,

stomach etc, above head was the outcome

and she placed the orgonite

about 4 inches above

my head.

Well I lasted about 4 seconds before I had to get up from the table laughing

uncontrollably. The sensation was stronger than anything I had

 experienced before (and I’ve had a few experiences believe

me). I felt the most enormous rush of supercharged

energy flowing through my head and down my

spine. I didn’t feel I could take it and had

to get away. Of course the laughter

became infectious and my

friend and I

were in


I had to go for a walk round the block to calm down.

 My friend said that she had never

seen anyone react like

that before.




Just thought I’d let you know. I went to the mind body spirit exhibition in

 London yesterday (nobody had heard of orgonite). I convinced a chap

taking aura photos to take one without and then with me holding the

small hhg made by you. The gentleman seemed a bit ruffled at first

but when he saw the results he was quite amazed as was I. The

first image without the hhg was almost entirely green with a

small brown inclusion on one side. The man said some very

complimentary remarks whilst looking at this image.

Holding the hhg the second image took a while to

settle down flashing all different kind of blue,

eventually settling to a green core

surrounded by blue, he said

this was a significantly

 stronger image

than the




Hi Rich the order arrived today and thank you so much for the

extra orgone cone. That was a nice surprise. They are

fantastic. I hope to buy from you again in a couple

of months now that i want to have one in every

room. My parents have seen them and

 my mum’s taken the small one and

 put it on the electric


By the time my sister sees it i think i will have to put in

a bigger order next time. They look marvellous

 and i feel abundantly happy.

So big thanks

 All The Best



 They have arrived safely. Absolutely beautiful ūüôā



Hi Rich,

We have recieved the package. They are lovely.



Hi, Rich!

A note to advise, as promised, that a lovely parcel came in the mail today.

Thank you so very much. How kind and generous of you.

They are both exquisite works of art and possess

a solid smash of heart energy –

uplifting – light. Yes…

Tres, Tres


To quote Croft – “no need for any additional gems in creating

HHG’s for deployment… unless you intend to sleep with

them or drag them to the dinner table with you”

Well, I just might have to do

that with these


Wow, Gosh, Holy Doodlebug, Jeepers, Captivating,

Gorgeous, Jolly Good Work, Inspiring, Too

Good to Be True, Can’t Take My

Eyes off of you, etc,


the list of superlatives could certainly go on.

 Thanks, Rich.

Take good care.



Hi Rich,

I got the generators in the post today & I must say they look stunning.

Thanks again,




Rich probably makes some some of the nicest generators

 I have seen, well worth



Laozu (Early Observation)

 Rich’s creations, besides being beautiful, are quite

good in the quality of qi. He is one of the most careful people

I know in making orgonite.



Renegades Of Junk!

Areas Gifted (amounts are guestimates);

Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ferndown etc          1000+ TB’s HHg’s
Dorchester, Weymouth, Blandford Forum et al     500+ TB’s HHg’s  
Worcester                          400+ TB’s HHg’s   
Exeter                                                                                   150    TB’s                 
South West to Central London                                           1000+ TB’s HHg’s    
Isle Of Wight                                                                         250   TB’s                  
Scottish Sites (Schiehallion, Fortingall, Rosslyn etc)     150 TB’s HHgs          
Southampton                                                                           100   TB’s                    

Partially around;

 Bristol, Droitwich, Malvern, Brighton, Edinburgh, Shaftesbury,

Budapest, Tanzanian National Parks, Zanzibar, Amptill

Many road routes, including (amongst others) M3, M4, M5, M27

Vortex trips with Laozu Kelly;

Back In Time A Millennium 2005

Britain 2006

The Balkans And Italy 2007

Cloudbusters Gifted;

Worcester         3
Bournemouth    2

Isle Of Wight    2
Mudeford         1
Verwood          1
Upton              1
Weymouth      1
Anglesey        1
Stourpaine    1
Amptill          1
Mauldon       1
London         1

More made and/or swapped with John ( in return for materials etc.

Much of the above has been funded by your generous donations to OrgoniteMoksha,

in return for my personal generators, or, just to help me get more done,

for this I thank you.

 John has a more encompassing list for the UK in his Orgone section at

Thank you,


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