Head Over Heels

This song means soo much to me, we used to listen to this album in my dads car, full blast, in the summer days of 84’ You are with and in me these days, my father.

Rich and Daddy…one little boy, one little man, funny how, time flies…

This Is My Four Leafed Clover

Saturday Daddy came downstairs, to Amber asking if she could get a toy from Town. My response was to be, how was she to pay for this toy. However, Amber said ”Arya said she will share her birthday money with me”.

Asked Arya, yes indeed she had, what a moment. Later I asked Arya, did you offer to share, as you thought otherwise I would say ”no”’to the toy shop, reassuring it was OK if she had? ”No, I just wanted to share”.

Nourish The Twinkling Light Of Selflessness

The next day, at Shaftesbury May Festival, Arya was bought a wooden YoYo, as reward, when Amber saw, the envy monster “why you not me” erupted! It’s OK Amber, Arya will share with you! Bless.

Amber Mary Fosh, as Mary
I don’t need no money, fortune, or fame. I got all the riches one man can claim. I even got the month of May, with My Girls.

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