Cuddly Toy, Cuddly Toy… Life demonstrating the path

Back as a young boy, there was a TV show called ”The Generation Game”.


The Generation Game involved four couples where the two members of each team were a generation apart (hence the ‘generation’ bit of ‘The Generation Game’). The four couples split into two sets of two couples who faced off against each other. The winners faced each other in the final and the winners of the final played the conveyor belt game.

The winning couple would then get 60 seconds to watch items on ”The Conveyor Belt” and all they then recall, they won.

Cuddly Toy, Cuddly Toy!!!

So, where are we going here?


Break those words down, Mind, Fullness. If we work hard, our mind may stay focused, and, not start, or build, it’s own settling thoughts, into ’thought forms’, or ’lumps’ as recently heard described.

The reverse, if we work, but slack most time, most days, that idle mind is prone to creating nuisance, or, worse lumps.

So, back to ”The Generation Game”, as a young man, taking A level Psychology, we all did a ”Short Term Memory Test”, much the same as ”The Generation Game”, as many words recalled from 20 as you could. Mine was poor.

This was part of a test, related to short term memory capacity, and, more broadly the schema that stress will build, if you carry too many ’thoughts’ at once, you will start to drop other thoughts, at 8 or so items (12 in those of stronger short term capacity) the average person may start needing to either drop, or, transfer some into long term, to free mind space. Or, stress and confusion will follow, as we saw in the contestants as they struggled to recall from an over filled mind.

End of test

The method of pegging, association to another object, to free short term ’processing’ memory, allowed people to recall 4 packs of playing cards, when done to extreme (the world record holder, was an athletics fan, so each card he pegged against an Athletics time, etc. Giving him a mind map back to ’the memory’, without it cluttering his short term memory. For example, he would see 4 or 5 cards and align those to an Athletics time, he had in Long Term Memory, freeing this 4/5 item burden):

Steve Ovett : 800m- 1min 44Seconds 9Hundredths = Ace Hearts, 4Clubs, 4Spades, 9Diamonds…

In life, we can see this, in child neurological development, we start with 100B Neurons and need to shed half, to ”settle” in adulthood, release, this may be demonstrated crudely in Arya, my daughter, below;

Last year, at 8, she was fixated on Harry Potter, many things before, but this one was BIG, her mother had read all the books, she was/is too young for it, so we allowed up to Book4. Through the year she was fascinated, curious, seeking to reflect on what was ’fiction’ and what she wished to hold as possible, or real.

So, as Arya has previously had traumatic brain injury, the potential for external clinging and overloading is perhaps stronger, or my focus on averting this in her is anyway.

Arya knew all the Characters, their abilities and inter-relations. This was my ’Star Wars’, then in the new year, Arya let go completely of all Potter Bondage, to free herself.

Arya is presently enchanted by WolfWalkers, and, being a Wolf, she taught me about differences between dogs and huskies, just days ago as we saw one.

Feeding the brain, with that which it needs, helps this hugely. All forms of Omega3 are crucial (ALA,DHA,EPA), certain fats and animo acids, to produce the neurological balms. Magnesium to stop this ”Edge between physical and electromagnetic” becoming too sticky (these things are proportionately needed, depending on environment, dietary antagonisers etc).

Completely, Bruce, say what you see…

Back in the 1980’s life was much slower paced, it was much faster than the generation before, and has sped since. This speeding of time, or lessening of quiet time, has pronounced the need, to either keep the brain clean of bondages/lumps, too many thoughts, and, to keep the transmission matter fluid, with minimal stickiness.

The Generation Game, was a ”Fly on the wall” Documentary on Materialisms effect on the brain? We all laughed as these families tortured themselves, for illusory advancements?

Omega3/Electrons, Neuron shedding, Letting go. Why make changes, especially ’the change’ for women, soo difficult?

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