Fight to Flight (Ode To Arya)

Day 1 : Edges of life, clinging. Hoping, praying.
Day 5 : Consultant Statistician told us bluntly, 75% Likelihood of Death in first week. Nearly there now, we knew…

In Intensive Care, we were told repeatedly that we should be prepared, we will cope but that Arya will have needs.

Over and over again, my response was, of course we will cope, but she’s going to be fine…

Then, I would sing a version of this song, to her, in to her incubator whilst I held her, over and over;

I Love You – The Lamb (Ode To An Arya)

We shall overcome

Everything down the line

And, I aint gonna listen to reason

I’m gonna speak with my heart

We shall overcome

Everything down the line

Baby gonna give me wings so I can fly

(Most pertinent lyrics, over and over, our Arya Mantra)

Nurse Gayle, shared our love of song, and love itself. Arya 21months, not yet walking.

By now, at just short of two, Arya began to walk… moment of pure joy, pure, pure, joy. Those ”delusions” of mine, ”She’s going to be fine, she’s going to be fine”, now seemed pure perception?

9 Years Old, Dancing and Flying. Now around 75% likely to be happy, in the moment.
We shall overcome … Baby gonna give me wings so I can fly! If there is a Jedi in the family, here she is…
Original song, “The Lamb” Band : I Love You (Artist license on lyrics) ”We shall overcome”

Focused, unquenchable, selfless, positive intent, powerful stuff.

Nobel prize for Bravery, if there were and I gave it out : Mummy and Arya.

With the lamb, the flame is safe

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