Cancer Charity Sickness – Cakes For Cancer

Malignancy, on a lovely afternoon tea serving tray, what could possibly go wrong?

In the early 1930’s Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize.

His work on Cancer Tumour formation, showed that Cells become Anaerobic (run on sugar fermentation), rather than Aerobic (Oxygen) in normal conditions, as a foundational basis of Malignancy.

This was the biggest, most disgustingly ignored, piece of Cancer (any?) research ever. Why?

Sugar and Oxygen share the same space in blood.

So, years after this discovery, Johanna Budwig found that certain long chain fatty acids, and in particular their ”electron cloud bearing characteristics”, were the missing piece to Warburgs puzzle on how Oxygen feeds into the cells, in this dynamic. She should have got a Nobel, as well, of course.

But, she (Budwig) went too far, healing people, or de-activating cancers as she had to label her ideas, due to the Omnipresent Money Men.

So, we know that cells, when they lack about a third oxygen conducting capacity, are in the zone where they may become Cancerous, switch to sugar metabolism when Oxygen is too scarce. Mix emotional anguish in this region = Danger, danger, danger.

So, back to the over-arching point.

MacMillan Cancer have Cake and Coffee mornings, to raise money for Cancer sufferers.

Cake, made from about 20-40% sugar, which will hamper you bloods space to carry oxygen, and 20-40% fats known to strangle the cells Oxygen conductance capacity.

This is madness, this is sickness.

When a friend had Cancer, he disowned me, after I told him of this Sugar/Fat dynamic, his consultant told him my information was ”Unhelpful”, sick, evil, sub-human response.

My dear friend, had a fridge full of Coca-Cola, brought him Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Flaxoil, tried to relay, but he was locked in this ”Fight or Flight” as sugars bore his metabolic burden, he needed to hear from authority he trusted. Instead, his Oncologist turned this help, to anger ”you always think you know best, nobody believes your shit Rich, don’t contact me again”.

When they operated, they told him he nearly died, as the tumour was much bigger than anticipated, go figure, fridge full of Cancer fuel, the Doctors left him feeding from… less support, the Doctors left him feeding from (as they broke our trust with their untruths)…

As, having discussed Warburg with an Oncologist, you see the fear in their eyes, that you know they are serving demons, corporate, demons.

”That’s very old research now”, the Oncologist squirms, like I am giving him a Prostate check, whilst talking.

”Has human physiology changed since then?”, I retort, knowing, of course, it has not.

Then, about a month later, my friend came to this knowledge himself, by then the Oncologist was free of come back, but not his Karma. THEY ALL KNOW.

Where is this place? The arsehole of the world? Want a slice, really gooey, go on, you know you want to…

Shame on you MacMillan, fuelling Cancerous environments, under the guise of helping Cancer.

The upside down modern world, need truth medicine from humans like Budwig and Reams, not corporate parasites selling sickness masquerading as Care.

Let’s shoot those demons down, they’re not here to stay, let’s shoot them down, don’t listen to what they say, make them turn and walk the other way… Nina Kinert, so poetic

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