The Terton Who Stole My Rucksack

When travelling India, had a big Rucksack, and a small sports bag. After a couple of months or so, we were headed from Rajastan to Madras, so headed to Ahmedabad station.

Don’t recall the place, but the picture sets a tone for your mind…

At the station, we got on the train, placing our rucksacks on the ’Top Bunk’ to preserve our bed on the 50hour trip. Foolishly, it seemed on immediate reflection, I did not lock my rucksack to a bar.

Noticing there were Sikhs in the Cabin, I had moved out, to the single seats past the walkway, to have a cigarette, before we set out on our journey. Having grown to love the train journeys, as much or more than the time between, this was a nice moment, see India alive in all it’s glories, in the cabins (second class sleeper, every time) the stations, the country between stations. Here was my quiet teachings, and chaotic (food at stations, chi wallers).

Never saw quite this level of cool!

So, having had my cigarette, venture back to the cabin, to notice my rucksack has gone! Oh no, my stuff…

Bliss! No, really…

My friend and I run up and down the compartments, the train at this moment is pulling off. Damn it, was deeply upset, shaken, violated, my camera, we had already trekked in Kalash and other beautiful parts of Himalaya, seen amazing things, now would never be seen again.

Doubt my pictures were this good, double blessing! Seeing the good in bad!

However! This, once the anguish passed, was a huge blessing.

The thief was a Terton.

You see, the next 7-8months, I travelled free, only Sadhu’s and destitute had less than me…

Swam naked, just down there, the glacier waters are soo pure, soo close to the sun soo high. Another picture nobody should see!!! Such blessings!!!

This was my blessing, when we were travelling, moving to stations, others would be worn down, by the burden of ”carrying their things”, yet I had been freed, by the thief… others began to bicker, worry, stress, over their things, this was what I came to India for, freedom from things…

Should I wish this man/men be judged, or, rewarded? Rewarded.

Was this man, a thief, or a treasure revealer? Terton.

The negative spirits, are those you choose to carry with you, treasuring your bondage. This Spirit Being (it seemed impossible to disappear like that) gave me the gift of presence, maybe they knew I’d be too dense, to find it myself.

Be free on your journey, bondages clutter the vision of now, see the now whenever you can. Whilst travelling Pakistan, my sister was in the UK watching Nusrat Fatah Ali Khan singing, with our friend Nasa (of Rawalpindi heritage), nice symmetry.

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