The Mother – Lotus

Gideous – Reading letters, from our Ethiopian friend, my heart learned true values.

As a teenager, my parents had mostly cut my strings, let me discover me, however my mother would insist on certain things being observed.

One such thing, my debt will never be fulfilled for, was that my mother through very tough times for herself, sponsored children in Africa.

This, “do at least some good, as there’s always someone worse off’ perspective, is a life anchor that is soo profound. We used to get letters of thanks, describing how my mothers help had allowed such incredible changes, allowing the comfort of basic food provisions, water supplies.

For a teenager, this worked like Churches never did, this gave me an IV line directly into my heart and soul, no huge distraction of Church, at around 14-16 my mother Sponsored Gideous (Ethiopian), he wrote quite touching and beautiful letters of thanks, we felt immediately he was like a part of our extended family.

With my mothers help, his village gained key provisions, allowed Gideous hope and freedom from soo much disquiet lacking food and water, storage, tools, brings.

This pure care, in my Mother, nourished the Lotus in me, to work for this Mother, both Saints!!! Mine soo often told me I would test such patience!

After around two years, ActionAid wrote my mother, the saddest letter I ever read, that bandits had raided his village, destroying most all the structure recents times had given him, so he was to leave education, and, sadly couldn’t accept my mothers sponsorship, given it was for this purpose, my Mother wrote back that she would continue his sponsorship until adulthood, in whatever form he felt to use it.

We literally had debt collectors at our door, in our house, yet my mother still preserved her Sponsorship, wow!

These things, were soo inspiring, all the videos, articles, scenes of Poverty, never comes into your home, like once you care for a human and invest in them.

This led me to seek to nurture that caring side.

My mother, and all mothers, you are incredible. Don’t ever forget this.

Mum, has a very similar Spirit, to Annie Lennox, fierce Celt! Bless
Nourishing the blossom, of care, hope, love, down the generations… Mothers, we bow.

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