Good Mourning – Which Bondages Today?

Lately, been contemplating washing our cups.

Each day, we wake, with a chance, a moment. We can try to let go daily.


Because, you only have room, for 8-12 thoughts, or things, in short term memory, before negative emotions may start burdening you, to release some, or transfer to long term).

So, each day, everyone in the world, our collective thoughts, this author believes, create tomorrows world, quite literally.

So, with mankind, as with us, if we allow Bondages, or, lumps to form, these are fragment items in memory (or likely to be pushed back to memory, to seek resolution), troubles may follow?

Now, you wake…

You only scared to die, when you ain’t living right, man. Talib Kweli.

If, your life pattern is such, you may have filled this memory space, in minutes, with junk thoughts ”Oh why do I have to get up”, ”Oh, I don’t like my job”, etc.

Many, still, watch ”The News”, or, read it, what 50% (at least) of that news is positive to your spirit? Or Negative, wearing you down? Are you learning from it, or, does your nervous system crave it? As you lived soo long absorbing fear, now it’s just you…

How positive is the news? How does the news make you feel?

Did you write the news? If not, you are welcoming someone else’s thought forms into your film, willingly?

Look at that, that feels to me, unburdened, beautiful, clean. How often is this News giving you inspiration?

Is that a wise choice, in these days of huge negative burdens being broadcast daily? Is your cup so full otherwise, of positivity, you can weather this and still radiate positivity?

You watched it over 3Years 3Months 3Weeks 3Days, you have ultimate reflective authority in your own being, nobody else.

Reflect on your patterns, are they serving you to grow, fill with positivity, or not? If not, can you not release them, give more space to nurture this positivity, your soul yearns?

So, if these heavy thoughts, cannot be addressed and resolved, we may fill our cup, with more than 50% Negative Thinking.

Personally, can only carry 4 thoughts, which aren’t positive, and my world starts delivering me that which I subconsciously project, very fine margins, though, one very powerful, may overshadow 7 weak, if you can carry 12 items, you have less sticky short term memory, maybe you can shoulder 6 negative, without this powerful 1? This is why faith or neuro linguistics (family, love memories) are vital, to most, faith beacons.

Oh, must check my social media, those pictures surely got more likes than my sisters/brothers/friends, this time.”

It is my feeling, if you wake, and greet each day with positivity, the world reflects this back into your life. Wake feeling negative, the world will deliver that as you are a divine, divining rod.

This same dynamic, is at play with broader mankind. Once 50% of the world is thinking negatively, this may more broadly become the ”Zeitgeist”. This has been apparent, since faith in whatever form (all religions, thought schools) fell to around this % the world has become tough, no?

Approach life, with a smile ready to share, the world will deliver you people ready to accept and reflect that smile back to you, growing that Egg.

Choose you bondages wisely, only very skilled humans, can bear many bondages, and, not become them?

“Break this tired old routine, I am a breathing time machine, I’ll take you all for a ride”… Why not make it a good one?

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