Less Grain Fog – Chickpea Pancakes

Amber Fosh’s Favourite Dinner

Endorsed, often forcefully to Daddy, by Amber Fosh, it gives her wings, you see?

Some years ago, came across a recipe for Pancakes from Chickpea flour. The person got quite upset, saying ”it’s mine”, get your own content…

Anyway, this was based on a Sebi Diet plan, so quite how she ”owned” this, no idea really.

Since, have pondered, and, adapted my ingredients, so this is not at all like the original (which had dreadful nutritional flaws, in hindsight). This is a good way to get Carbohydrate energy without Wheat, Rice etc. Strong nutrient profile.

50% Chickpea Flour

25% Coconut Milk

25% Carbonated Water

1 Spoonful Extra Virgin Olive Oil (First Harvest Fresh if £)

2 Capsules of Kelp Powder

1 Good Sprinkle of Cinnamon

Vanilla Pod

Spoonful Inulin (optional)

Mix it up…

Hot Pan, Dash Oil…

Honey and Fresh Lemon, or, pure Fruit Jam (Just Pectin = feeding good bacteria)

Mix and some good Extra Virgin Olive Oil to cook. Savoury, replace Cinnamon and Vanilla with Nutritional Yeast, these also work if gently cooked to a gluten free crisp bread.

Sebi (or followers) were advising Grape Seed Oil when I came across the recipe, this is Neurological Poison, if suffering long term Omega3 shortages (most people), as it’s ratio is 70% Omega 6 and 0.1% Omega 3. That is some major shortfall in thinking. Anyway, loved most of Sebi’s talks, maybe it came from a misguided follower.

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