No. 4 & 5 Hartgrove Spirit Trees

Arya, Amber and Daddy’s Spirit tree
3 Oaks, 3 Pieces, outer two all Gold, the third has a special Ruby but does not count in 108.

Returning the Gold to Earth.

We walked down to our cherished spot, our Spirit tree and its two companions, so we greeted each tree with a group prayer. Then circumambulated each tree three times showing respect, before burying a piece near the base of each, as my Spirit directed it.

Whispfully at play, such joy to watch as a father, blessed am I.
Such a natural in front of Camera, well anything pretty much, precautious Amber Fosh.
Arya diving into the long grass, spirit in motion, it was wet, we didn’t care!
Special colours blessed us, Amber readying herself for Hide And Seek!
Daughters blessed with a Golden Glow, why not? They did just nourish this Hill with Gold.
Arya will often prompt, lead, on matters Etheric, giving me her Spirits guidance, she insisted on three circumambulations, when Daddy suggested one would suffice ”no Daddy, you might upset the Trees Spirit”. How could you not listen?
Amber, at the point of “Ready or not, here I come”, to find her treasures, fun and Arya!
Nobody will find these, buried well.

We gifted these Trees, asking for Support from God and the Spirits, to bring out the Divine Feminine of Happiness and Love. Then, my Girls showered the land with the great Happiness and Love, giving Daddy the same watching them play, allowing us to radiate as 3.

Lovely evening, wet bottom halves once home, enough energy burnt to be Two Angelic Beings, we are Blessed by God.

Arya was singing this in Bed tonight, so it’s todays anthem, good choice Arya.

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