No. 6-7-8 Eagles

We live at Spreadeagle Cottage, which looks onto Spreadeagle Hill.

So, today, on fathers day, my itinerary was ”Gift Gold to Spreadeagle Hill and watch Star Wars with kids for the first time.

We prepared, by selecting three pieces of Golden Orgonite, plus this time some old coins turned up, so a 1952 Six pence was also to be buried;

Arya, bearing our days Gifts to the land, to help where too much has been taken before?

So, we set out, today was overcast and edging on rain, but our Spirits were high, as we left the Cottage, a Hawk was sat somewhere yards away, never this close to our house have we seen it.

Sparrow hawk? Auspicious sign. Kids duly excited. Cloud below very Eagle like?

Once we arrived at the Car Park, parked and started walking, after some time it became clear we had taken a scenic route, also sometimes called wrong?

Not a care in the World, except steep hills, maybe?!
Giant Dandelion, brings delight to the kids imaginations…
An unexplained bunch of flowers, added more sense of wonder to their walk.
The de-tour added a sprinkle of magic to the kids mood.

The climb was steep, especially the part where Amber needed carrying! Such adventure is made more meaningful, if a sense of challenge is traversed, she is getting big though, gasps!

Melbury Beacon, 2012 Diamond Jubilee commemorative mount.

When reaching the Peak, we delighted in the Beacon and views, then we decided on three suitable spots around the area, said a little prayer for Good, each dug a little for each piece, so our combined energies are felt by the lands.

View of Melbury Hill, a peak amongst rolling valleys.

3 dates; 2022 Platinum Jubilee, 2012 Diamond Jubilee Beacon, 1952 Pre-Coronation Coin, joined together, with 3 Gifts of Gold, from 3 Spirits.

Gold and money, put back in the lands. 3 Date symmetry completed by Beacon

Now, as we had agreed, time to fly an old kite found in the Shed, when clearing room to make Orgonite. Big problem, Daddy didn’t check its operational status (why, Oh why!).

As we tried and realised steady flight was beyond our Kite, Amber shed tears, but they soon passed. Within minutes Arya had got a feel for the Kite, spending the next 20minutes proclaiming her bringing flight to it, only for it to fall seconds after, Charlie Brown in Hardys Countryside indeed!

As we get back to Spreadeagle Hill, aptly, several show off for us! Compton Abbas Airfield is just a field right.

It was noted, the lime in the hills, the ores taken, in time often creates stagnancy, Gold Orgonite may help soothe this dynamic.

There were two in flight, on the way back to the car, but missed them trying to zoom in.

Quick tea made, Spinach, Coconut and Coriander Dhal, then Star Wars!!!

Thank you Amber and Arya for an epic Fathers day.

May the force be with you… (we are the Fosh, what else would fate have us do?!)

“God, there is Gold hidden deep in the ground” exactly!

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