No. 9-12 The Oldest Spirits in Europe?

When gifting with absolute gusto in 2005-2008, we gifted Fortingall Yew…

When searching for a fitting picture, happened across an article which stated it appears, after around 5,000 years to be changing Sex, to female!

The Fortingall Yew Decided To Change Sex After 5,000 Years

The first gift, of Gold to a yew tree, that is known to me, was my dear Gifting Cohort John, who has Gifted his two most Cherished Yews (The master, with a Gold piece, which I think was given John at materials cost, so does not count in the 108, the second recently was Owain Glendower Yew, gifted from myself onto the Yew by John.

When last visiting The Court, Carol Croft, Cesco were visiting also in 2010, there was another visitor, Greg Hallett(?), who was writing a book on this very subject (John being more rightful than the Windsors, as bloodline of Glendower, quite the history! He’s my UK gifting buddy, made me about 6,000 TBs and HHg’s which were joyously driven into the earth back in 2005-8, we made about 30 Cloudbusters from memory).

Anyway, John gifting his Yew, triggered the 108 idea, so much thanks for this.

Fortingall had a stone circle which was gifted, and, this curious history:

Pontius Pilate lived from around 20BC until some time after AD36. He was the Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD26 to AD36, and is best remembered as the judge at the trial of Jesus Christ in AD33, and the man who subsequently ordered his crucifixion.

There has long been a story that Pontius Pilate was actually born at Fortingall in Perthshire, also known as home to an ancient yew tree that could be as much as 5,000 years old (and, if so, is probably the oldest living thing on Earth).

The story of Pilate’s Scottish origins was set out most fully in an article published in the New York Times on 15 January 1899.

Source = Undiscovered Scotland

So, the first three Yews were some of the oldest living organisms this Earth has. With great historical significance. Todays trip, was no less important, the 12 Yews of St Paul’s Church Tisbury.

Two pieces like this, and, three smaller were taken.

Previously had been drawn to this Church, went in to quiet sit, pray, found that a beautiful light castes in from an Amber stained glass window, never realised it was surrounded by 12 Yews, the Master being some 4,000 years old! No wonder they drew me there…

This light felt just magical when first visiting, the oldest Yew is outside right of this Wall.
David Bellamy dated this at 4,000 years. It is concrete filled. what a Spirit!
The second oldest and third were to the left. Gifted near both.

One of the large, more Gold and Gem encrusted pieces, was buried near the Master. Then two more smaller pieces were gifted to the other largest, each given a prayer, the biggest two circumabulated 3x, the Master 3x by myself and girls.

Behind the Church there was a meeting of two streams, Arya chose the spot and we gifted a white Gold piece to the waters there.

Such a place, almost bizarrely unheralded? As research tells nothing of its obvious significance.

Once we had gifted 4 of the 5 pieces, decided to keep one (pictured above), as it felt enough, and, will visit again and quiet sit in a couple of weeks, see how it feels then.

On our return, we went to Fonthill Lake, the feeling was to Gift the final piece there, if we could get a good spot and my heart approved it. By then the Girls were getting tired, especially Amber, so we walked along the edge, seeking a nice opening.

Another day, we will return, this summer.

As we walked, we met a lovely lady called Kathleen, she was walking her Dog, and, as Amber was trudging behind, we chatted for a while. After a few minutes of chat, it was obvious that the last piece was for her.

This is why my heart held that piece back, it happened that Ambers tiredness mixed with the distance to the lakeside clearing was too far for today, but we will return there with some gifts and hopefully a swim with the girls!

Hopefully Kathleen gets to read this, if so, your gift is;

24carat Gold Ball

4x Ruby and 4x Emeralds sat on 22Carat Gold brushed Copper beads

White Gold splattering

Copper hand cut ball, 8 Hand beaten Ethiopian Copper Beads, 8 Rose Quartz

Bed of 22Carat Gold inner, white Gold outer, Swat Valley Aquamarine at base

Hope it brings you some joyousness Kathleen! They love Sunlight!

Another just beautiful Gifting trip.

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