Bright Orgone, Demons, Be Gone…

After months, of mostly daily activity in the shed, a bat took refuge, which had caused mild paranoia when I couldn’t fathom how many components, for Orgonite yet to be constructed, were scattered across its inside, when nobody but myself had been in there.

Then, whilst contemplating, on Qi, noticed my paranoia was really lack of perception, as a Bat had somehow chosen to Nest, becoming trapped when I locked the Door, probably?

Dear friend Laozu, had assisted me (guided, or blessed with great teaching, truly) in removing a negative entity, from just below the very spot, that the Bat had taken nest/rest, perhaps seeking out its former energy marker, or guide, perhaps more???

The Children loved seeing it, after aware of company and talk around it, it dropped an ear, to listen out whilst sleeping;

The entity, had been caste out miles away, to a spot which was Gifted with Gold Orgonite, that it may change towards positive, in time. That evening, the Shed was left open, the Bat left.

Tonight, two weeks or so later, the bat flew really close in again, reminding me of this experience to post of.

One of the pieces today, made recently, made in the shed where the demon was caste out!
The pieces, were very much about light capture and refraction, to observe some feelings from many years before.
It was a pleasure, re-familiarising myself with Orgonite, this year

The skies, each week that I make a batch, become radiant, for certain periods, with Sylphs (Sky spirits, Skywalkers? Pleasant sky spirits, who seem to clean the skies around them, whilst present). This was a commonly talked of phenomenon on the early Orgonite Forums, for very good reason.

When making a set, some, or most are finished setting, after sunlight, on my Torsion Croft Style CB, the Skies really do love this.

Beautiful, full double rainbow, last week, couldn’t capture quite its true majesty
Sylphs have been posted in Gold Gifting reports, soo many!

This summer and Autumn has been truly remarkable. Reminding me, how profound the work of Don and Carol Croft, was, and still is, such inspirational humans.

Key to this summers work, has been Grandad Georges, Wooden, Spirit Level.

Grandad George (RIP), was no sceptic, after being Gifted ”I don’t know what it is, that stuff, but it works doesn’t it!” After greenhouse tests.

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