Ode to Moreless

When a younger man, began a journey of researching various healing modalities and happened across Curezone. This was a website which housed various alternative health sub-forums.

After some time perusing the forums, it became clear many were self help groups, yet most lacked the substance of success, verified and repeatable by members.

So, it was with the greatest of elation, that Moreless pH Balancing Forum was found, here there were literally hundreds of ”Success Testimonials”.

This was the foundational basis of this website, as soo very much was learned, from the teachings of Carey Reams and Johanna Budwig, Moreless was a crop consultant based from Reams Biological Farming techniques.

Thank you Moreless.

Moreless :

Hi Ya’ll,

The many Success Testimonials that those have posted as may be seen following this link are because of their own willingness to make the needed changes to help their-self:


And “ANYONE” who chooses to come on this forum or post on any other forum that this Healing Protocol does not work and is Rubbish is basically telling “ALL” of those who have Found Success by applying these Healing Ideas by themself learning to take Personal Responsibility, that you are Crazy and do not know what you are talking about !

It seem to me, that just maybe these folks who choose to Bash these ideas may in fact be the Crazy folks?

For there is “NO” other forum on curezone with as many Success Testimonials, which is not trying to take “YOUR” Hard earned Cash from “YOU” !!!!!!!!!!

Could it be?

Cause and Effect !

“WE” are What “WE” Eat !

Smile Tis your choice.


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