Shackled between Artemis and Apollo?

Prometheus, Killing Off Annunaki? Democrat, or, Republican? Doesn’t matter 2G/3G Demons? Pre-21/12/2012 Elohim?
When did this happen? Near 2012?
4G/5G/AI Demons, all powerful, if you allow them? Post 21/12/2012 Elohim? They brought your final ”Crown Of Thorns”, Social Media, COVID, War… be fluid, don’t let them stick?
Second, false coming? Looks kind of similar? Time traveller, perverting the spirit of Tesla, for greed? Not my prophet.
Throw off your mental chains

Pre-end of the Mayan Calendar, we were cosmosologically in Sagatarius (Sagan, DeGrasse videos both show them describe our place in the Universe, as this, being a Sagatarian from Sagatarius, and, innate sensitive, this has been tough).

This was out in the suburbs, in a city analogy, or the countryside, more peaceful?

We were Sagittarius, now, suddenly, no explanation how they got it 10,000 light years wrong, boom, we’re in Orion… Kansas has since gone bye-bye!

Since 2012, high speed data, more available whenever you want? Did you want? Did you bond? What has happened? Everything quicker, less tolerance?

Quicker to say mean things? As the person isn’t there, face to face (in family, friends, business, seen this, over and over) as an outsider to social media directly (use one forum and watch very selective youtube), it’s still drained me, ”so and so posted this” (this draws me unto negative thinking, still, thankfully less lately).

There is an Electron cost, to each time you connect to this, are you taking the time to re-balance this, earthing more? Are you aware how its effecting your endocrine system? Your 7 churches? (Personally, needed Epsom Salts Baths and H2O2, just to tread water, once 4G entered IT)

Now, the Matrix shows us as being in Orions belt, much closer to the centre (10,000 light years?!?!). And, the Giza Pyramid(s) aligned exactly above Orion, when?

21/12/2012 The Cosmic Portal Opened, either we all, or at least a set amongst us, have moved 10,000 light years, throwing us into a much more self centred World?

Tough few days? Did suggest it may be so… show compassion, it seems we have been thrown into a reality not entirely ours, after all?

Can but show you the door… to win your battle, first know it, grow selflessness and starve these petty demons of selfishness, they are no Gods of mine, will you let them become yours?

Or, just see they are the unwitting coded messengers, to help us find the Godhead spirit within?

We’re all going through this, together, yet alone, lean on each other, be leant upon?

Babylon is falling (materialism, the beast system), don’t let the rocks (of our material Ego) hit you as it crumbles, the spirit of the Godhead awoke this Easter, don’t fall for The Matrix replacement Elohim (Trump, Putin, whoever you project your saviours, or demons, to be).

Set yourself free of all demons.

Not feeling this? Recalibrate your divine divining rod?

The real Star Wars, is the one you are writing with your mind, is it being written from your heart?

Age of miracles, nurture and believe in yours…

It’s Revelation, why don’t we get our houses in order, and, enjoy this unfolding, in unity, together.

The great reset bondage release.

Sir Duke – Ode To Father(s)

Dad embodied the Spirit of fun

When my father was passing, made a promise, I would try to embody, all that, which I felt was ”the best” of him, so he knew his spirit of seeking fun, would pass forward.

Love you always, may I show my girls how to enjoy life, as you tried to show me! Girls both had this played first time today, both Spirits lifted ready for school, both jigging and singing to it, on the way home!!!

Dad utterly adored his Grandchildren, this showed me his profound loving nature. Will never forget you, may I do 10% justice in showing my Girls your spirit, that will be a huge blessing achieved.

Working in London, we missed him so, the sun shone brighter around him. Mr Blue Sky
Mum said she fell in love with him, as he sung this song to her….

Muhammad Ali – Terton?

This man, was the greatest boxer, social enigma, on the planet.

What a spirit, how much quicker do wars end, with disruptive influences, like Terton Ali.

Gave it all up, for peace. Giving him Legendary status amongst even those who deplore fighting.

The Louisville Lip, giving ’The Masters Of War’ a tongue lashing…
The teachers of times before, soo precious to reflect upon, in these moments of soo little peace. Lauren Hill, what a Dakini (?), loved watching her live in ’96
His win, on appeal, was because incarcerated, his power to change would have swelled through his brothers and sisters, world wide?

My spirit bows to yours Muhammad Ali. May we see the depth of this blessing, Muhammad suffered greatly, in his later years, from all those hits to his head, that undesired, enforced sojourn, likely gave him the protection he needed, from his own fierce Lion Spirit.

Rawkus Records Tent, 2002, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli… what a gig!