No. 9-12 The Oldest Spirits in Europe?

When gifting with absolute gusto in 2005-2008, we gifted Fortingall Yew…

Fortingall yew, gifted in 2006, thought amongst Europes oldest living organism. It felt very frail.

When searching for a fitting picture, happened across an article which stated it appears, after around 5,000 years to be changing Sex, to female!

The Fortingall Yew Decided To Change Sex After 5,000 Years

The first gift, of Gold to a yew tree, that is known to me, was my dear Gifting Cohort John, who has Gifted his two most Cherished Yews (The master, with a Gold piece, which I think was given John at materials cost, so does not count in the 108, the second recently was Owain Glendower Yew, gifted from myself onto the Yew by John.

When last visiting The Court, Carol Croft, Cesco were visiting also in 2010, there was another visitor, Greg Hallett(?), who was writing a book on this very subject (John being more rightful than the Windsors, as a first born of Glendower, quite the history!).

Anyway, John gifting his Yew, triggered the 108 idea, so much thanks for this.

Fortingall had a stone circle which was gifted, and, this curious history:

Pontius Pilate lived from around 20BC until some time after AD36. He was the Prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD26 to AD36, and is best remembered as the judge at the trial of Jesus Christ in AD33, and the man who subsequently ordered his crucifixion.

There has long been a story that Pontius Pilate was actually born at Fortingall in Perthshire, also known as home to an ancient yew tree that could be as much as 5,000 years old (and, if so, is probably the oldest living thing on Earth).

The story of Pilate’s Scottish origins was set out most fully in an article published in the New York Times on 15 January 1899.

Source = Undiscovered Scotland

So, the first three Yews were some of the oldest living organisms this Earth has. With great historical significance. Todays trip, was no less important, the 12 Yews of St Paul’s Church Tisbury.

Two pieces like this, and, three smaller were taken.

Previously had been drawn to this Church, went in to quiet sit, pray, found that a beautiful light castes in from an Amber stained glass window, never realised it was surrounded by 12 Yews, the Master being some 4,000 years old! No wonder they drew me there…

This light felt just magical when first visiting, the oldest Yew is outside right of this Wall.
David Bellamy dated this at 4,000 years. It is concrete filled. what a Spirit!
The second oldest and third were to the left. Gifted near both.

One of the large, more Gold and Gem encrusted pieces, was buried near the Master. Then two more smaller pieces were gifted to the other largest, each given a prayer, the biggest two circumabulated 3x, the Master 3x by myself and girls.

Behind the Church there was a meeting of two streams, Arya chose the spot and we gifted a white Gold piece to the waters there.

Such a place, almost bizarrely unheralded? As research tells nothing of its obvious significance.

Once we had gifted 4 of the 5 pieces, decided to keep one (pictured above), as it felt enough, and, will visit again and quiet sit in a couple of weeks, see how it feels then.

On our return, we went to Fonthill Lake, the feeling was to Gift the final piece there, if we could get a good spot and my heart approved it. By then the Girls were getting tired, especially Amber, so we walked along the edge, seeking a nice opening.

Another day, we will return, this summer.

As we walked, we met a lovely lady called Kathleen, she was walking her Dog, and, as Amber was trudging behind, we chatted for a while. After a few minutes of chat, it was obvious that the last piece was for her.

This is why my heart held that piece back, it happened that Ambers tiredness mixed with the distance to the lakeside clearing was too far for today, but we will return there with some gifts and hopefully a swim with the girls!

Hopefully Kathleen gets to read this, if so, your gift is;

24carat Gold Ball

4x Ruby and 4x Emeralds sat on 22Carat Gold brushed Copper beads

White Gold splattering

Copper hand cut ball, 8 Hand beaten Ethiopian Copper Beads, 8 Rose Quartz

Bed of 22Carat Gold inner, white Gold outer, Swat Valley Aquamarine at base

Hope it brings you some joyousness Kathleen! They love Sunlight!

Another just beautiful Gifting trip.

Rainbow Qi – Relearning the way

Recently, have been contemplating ”The Rainbow Body”, whether it was this which graced Jesus during his resurrection?

Deep research has been carried out, citing various Tibetan recounts (much like Wilhelm Reich changing weather), of dedicated Adepts, who have lived in a virtuous manner, attaining these characteristics (Rainbow aura, shrinking to virtually nothing, in multiple cases including Jesus, Padmasambhava, et al. the body is gone completely?).

Depiction of Padmasambhava, in Rainbow Aura, perfect inner refraction?

So, why is this not a less arcane subject? Where is the deeper research from a Qi perspective? Maybe it will be revealed to us, as the time feels right?

The Jade Emperor – Showing Rainbow Aura

This subject is dear to my heart, as for 18 years, in varying degrees of dedication and clearness of mind and ego, have immersed in the area of Qi. Some mysteries surrounding Qi, Orgone, Prana, seem to be allowing a peak inside, it feels at the point looking was not the focus, only feeling, that some of this has started becoming clear.

Here is a gallery, of pictures, which show something of ”Rainbow Light”, just a guy playing around in the shed (AKA Man Cave…).

Harness and focus light, imbue with Qi
Cracks, bubbles, it matters little in this context…
This was a calming, yet invigorating play date!
Light effects such as Kirlian photography, have shown Orgone Aura, an early gifting enabler of OrgoniteMoksha had two taken, one without, one holding a piece, the photographer was amazed.
Focusing the Qi imbued Sunlight, this felt beautiful as it looks, but got very hot very quick!!!

This is the same piece, which showed these characteristics whilst being constructed;

This reminds me of a drawing by Laozu, our first evening together.

Since making this batch, of 6 HHg’s ( Holy Hand Grenades, in my dear late friends and teachers wording, pioneer spirits Don & Carol Croft) and a few small pieces, plus putting ingredients on the ’Positive Plateau’ of the Cloudbuster, the skies have been filled, with Chemtrails and Sylphs cleaning right through them.

Spirit cloud casting a shadow upwards? Gives a sense of firmament?
When making these, by the second set, when the visual anomalies manifested, even water dripping into the sink, produced a radiance.

When researching Upside Down Rainbows, found many pictures, where they appear in skies with Sylphs, Spirits…

This atmospheric swirl, or, Sylph trails, is soo very similar to the Skies here? Maybe I’m a Leprechaun?!

Bless this summer!!!

No. 6-7-8 Eagles

We live at Spreadeagle Cottage, which looks onto Spreadeagle Hill.

So, today, on fathers day, my itinerary was ”Gift Gold to Spreadeagle Hill and watch Star Wars with kids for the first time.

We prepared, by selecting three pieces of Golden Orgonite, plus this time some old coins turned up, so a 1952 Six pence was also to be buried;

Arya, bearing our days Gifts to the land, to help where too much has been taken before?

So, we set out, today was overcast and edging on rain, but our Spirits were high, as we left the Cottage, a Hawk was sat somewhere yards away, never this close to our house have we seen it.

Sparrow hawk? Auspicious sign. Kids duly excited. Cloud below very Eagle like?

Once we arrived at the Car Park, parked and started walking, after some time it became clear we had taken a scenic route, also sometimes called wrong?

Not a care in the World, except steep hills, maybe?!
Giant Dandelion, brings delight to the kids imaginations…
An unexplained bunch of flowers, added more sense of wonder to their walk.
The de-tour added a sprinkle of magic to the kids mood.

The climb was steep, especially the part where Amber needed carrying! Such adventure is made more meaningful, if a sense of challenge is traversed, she is getting big though, gasps!

Melbury Beacon, 2012 Diamond Jubilee commemorative mount.

When reaching the Peak, we delighted in the Beacon and views, then we decided on three suitable spots around the area, said a little prayer for Good, each dug a little for each piece, so our combined energies are felt by the lands.

3 dates; 2022 Platinum Jubilee, 2012 Diamond Jubilee Beacon, 1952 Pre-Coronation Coin, joined together, with 3 Gifts of Gold, from 3 Spirits.

Gold and money, put back in the lands. 3 Date symmetry completed by Beacon

Now, as we had agreed, time to fly an old kite found in the Shed, when clearing room to make Orgonite. Big problem, Daddy didn’t check its operational status (why, Oh why!).

As we tried and realised steady flight was beyond our Kite, Amber shed tears, but they soon passed. Within minutes Arya had got a feel for the Kite, spending the next 20minutes proclaiming her bringing flight to it, only for it to fall seconds after, Charlie Brown in Hardys Countryside indeed!

As we get back to Spreadeagle Hill, aptly, several show off for us! Compton Abbas Airfield is just a field right.

It was noted, the lime in the hills, the ore taken, creates stagnancy, Gold Orgonite may help soothe this, it is felt.

There were two in flight, on the way back to the car, but missed them trying to zoom in.

Quick tea made, Spinach, Coconut and Coriander Dhal, then Star Wars!!!

Thank you Amber and Arya for an epic Fathers day.

May the force be with you… (we are the Fosh, what else would fate have us do?!)

“God, there is Gold hidden deep in the ground” exactly!

Feel your way into things? Auspicious Beginnings

This past week, has been the moment to start making Orgonite, to gift 108 friends, family, mostly of course special places. Hartgrove it must start.

There was never a doubt that this Spring felt very special. An inner sense intermittently felt was back, pushing, saying ”Help, its time”. This has led to a 3month 3week 3day renouncement of any work for money, or, even making Orgonite with intent of making anything, only trying to imbue the feeling my Children give me, that pure Gold Qi.

So, there has been a flourish, of wildlife paying interest, like nature is very happy at the spirit coming from our home?

As approaching my Orgonite room, a very relaxed friend sits on the Velux Window.
Calmly approach, swing door open expecting flight, nope, it turns and looks at me, still calm.
After inviting me this close, this friend takes flight. Beautiful moment.
This day, these ’Test’ pieces were being made, from odds here n there…
Had been rubbing copper coils on this Wire, Bug got a Qi bath and turned luminous!

So, these signs were very heartening, the ratios of Catalyst befuddled me, as the temperature swung up this week, plenty of cracks, but that is what these were for, to practise, and will be good enough to bury, no matter my petty desire for perfection?!

It is lovely when you get observable phenomena? This was lovely to see.

So, nature seemed to approve, though shortly after the Bird flew, was attacked by 3 Angry Wasps who all stung me, hilarious! If painful for 15minutes… What a day.

When the pieces were setting it was all about watching, feeling, how they felt the layer before, now better or worse? To progress and immerse, when making trying to capture the joy in my heart from Arya and Amber at play (they will be monumental if one day I may translate that!).

This is the same piece, which produced the visual phenomena above. Such colours.

So, how did the Skies respond, to the triangle of Oaks gifted, then this batch of Gold?

Swirling Vortex rising up, Cross adorning a rising Spirit?
12:45 Notice this Spirit?
Park, few miles from home.

Pretty favourable it appeared? Much particulate seemed to be cleared all day, bless these Spirits.

Then at first light today…

Things are feeling pretty good, the next place to gift is shown by the flash of Gold in the last three photos, hope you enjoy this!

Swift flying right passed, Arya was singing at Claysmore last week (day we Gifted the Spirit trees), where the ’Chandelier Scene’ was shot on Only Fools And Horses…
About as skilled as I felt these days!!! Cracks!!!

No. 4 & 5 Hartgrove Spirit Trees

Arya, Amber and Daddy’s Spirit tree, we feel it is strongly connected to us.
3 Oaks, 3 Pieces, outer two all Gold, the third has a special Ruby but does not count in 108.

Returning the Gold to Earth.

We walked down to our cherished spot, our Spirit tree and its two companions, so we greeted each tree with a group prayer. Then circumambulated each tree three times showing respect, before burying a piece near the base of each, as my Spirit directed it.

Whispfully at play, such joy to watch as a father, blessed am I.
Such a natural in front of Camera, well anything pretty much, precautious Amber Fosh.
Arya diving into the long grass, spirit in motion, it was wet, we didn’t care!
Special colours blessed us, Amber readying herself for Hide And Seek!
Daughters blessed with a Golden Glow, why not? They did just nourish this Hill with Gold.
Arya will often prompt, lead, on matters Etheric, giving me her Spirits guidance, she insisted on three circumambulations, when Daddy suggested one would suffice ”no Daddy, you might upset the Trees Spirit”. How could you not listen?
Amber, at the point of “Ready or not, here I come”, to find her treasures, fun and Arya!
Nobody will find these, buried well.

We gifted these Trees, asking for Support from God and the Spirits, to bring out the Divine Feminine of Happiness and Love. Then, my Girls showered the land with the great Happiness and Love, giving Daddy the same watching them play, allowing us to radiate as 3.

Lovely evening, wet bottom halves once home, enough energy burnt to be Two Angelic Beings, we are Blessed by God.

Arya was singing this in Bed tonight, so it’s todays anthem, good choice Arya.

No. 3 – A.D. 1420 (7) Departing Friend Of The Family

Whispers in the shadows. We all saw Ghosts here, at various times of our lives.

Hidden in the eaves? Gifted to this House, as being sold soon in the future. Pink and Green Tourmalines surround the 24Carat Gold Ball.

This was the first piece, made with being ”for us” in mind. It was feeling how much (rather little) Gold leaf may be used, yet still yield a good functioning Golden Qi Generator. It spent time in my home, at Care Homes supported, now finds its rest hidden in the loft.

600 Years (36 Years my mothers, 15 years home myself, in 3 Spells) maybe someone elses 600 more, as Mother has treasured and preserved it. Giraffe an old Present from the owners Son.

The Civil War, was fought past the front doors of this House, it has Priest Hole, suspected tunnel to Cathedral… Some History this Space has seen.

Gold in the Beams?

Hidden for 600 more? Found a secluded spot, it may be, sitting quietly, soothing nearby Spirits?

No. 3 Gifted on Buddha Shakyamuni’s Birthday (Khyentse Foundation).

Impermanence. Auspiciousness. Joyous. Upon waking nearby on a friends sofa this morning, he was called out the blue and offered a job he desired,
A Spirit of Treasure Finding, Bless Dear Grandmother Moonie Fosh, found soo close to our Home in Ampthill, the treasure was the search.


Early Draft – Thought Board.

Settled mind, dropped from 100Billion, or the more recent 86Billion Neurones, into half that at the end of our developmental phases.

Shedding, growing, letting go, we should settle on half this number, is 42Billion the quiet, settled mind, that many seek via Meditation, Omega3 et al. ?

Stimming, in Autism/Mental Health, is where people gesticulate, the higher the level of undernourished (or overly toxified) development, the more pronounced this may be. This is a body sign the neurology is firing excessively in the host (EVOO and Omega3 Oils are demonstrated to assist healing the nervous system through this backed up development)

Medical professionals, worth their qualifications, know this effect and why. Yet, they virtually never tell people this is not a ”Locked in” condition, truly shameful.

These ”Clinging” signals, show the parent the child is struggling, from neurotoxicity. We see Autistic children unable to move on from their hugely repetitive behaviours, as too many Neurones are firing?

42Billion Osteocytes?

“There is a paucity of studies on the bioenergetics and energy metabolism of osteocytes, which are required for the regulation of bone remodeling.”

The angle at which light reflects off of water to create a rainbow is 42 degrees, so is this our internal Rainbow?…


Gifting – Bulls on Parade

Finished the gig, empty pockets, possessions scattered… Freedom!!! (Reading ’93)

Orgonite Gifting

Don’t fear.

~Don Croft, epitome of fearlessness. Renegade.

When gifting, often the adrenaline was needed, for bravery… so these tunes were most helpful. My Neuro-Linguistic anchor, to stare down ’The Man’.

It might be ”Just me”, but this “me” is representing this crowd, this spirit.

~Wilhelm Reich, Listen, Little Man… Renegade Roots

Remember gifting a Rothschild Estate, Helicopters came over…

Welcome, my strong, conformational friends, my work continues, stamping Orgonite into the soft Soils…

Buckingham Palace Area, this took balls of steel… Gifted hugely along the Thames in Central London, then The Queen…

Correlation doesn’t mean Causation, but, messaged my friend John, who made the Orgonite Gifted around this area, that we did this? If it was a shape-shift, or, reality glitch? She’s just playing the part, anyway?

Whilst, a more rightful Prince, was making our gifting Orgonite!

Installing a Cloudbuster at a friends in Bournemouth, his scepticism vanished when one of these flew over, minutes later ”Interesting” he said, indeed!

Was travelling Europe with dear mentor Laozu, assisting his great journey, opening Vortices, to nourish the Qi canopy, for these days, now arriving. Myself driving, Cesco Chef and reader (A Book Of Dreams in full and The Cosmic Pulse Of Life, select Chapters).

Portland, Dorset – Verne Citadel. Gifted by Cesco and Neo-Punk. Locals know that Island needs support.
Energy, imagine, just beneath this, sits a HMS Prison, for sex offenders, beaming out energy just above them?
Portland, Dorset.Minutes after gifting, by Cesco and myself, someone appears to ”check” the machinery…

Auspicious. Momentous. Peaceful.

(With Colonel Kurtz bad ass undertones, garnered, generated and passed forward, from Wilhelm Reich, then my late friends Carol and Don Croft, rest in peace)

Grandad George, keen Horticulturist, was no sceptic once he saw the effects on his Garden

Was frequenting the borders of reality, ones which made me a draw, David Icke invited me over…

David and Pamela Icke, gifted with Orgonite. They filled a gap in my map, they liked the energy.

Crazy days indeed. Yetis and UFO stories must remain private, but, spirits of great reverence abound this journey, if intense enough to subdue, most all else? Just a moment there, may change it all.

Absolutely driven… Johns wheels, carrying our newly made ancient technology?

Eisenhower, when giving his ”Military Industrial Complex” Speech, had just been in contact with Wilhelm Reich, as covered in Reichs ”Contact With Space”;

Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

Young Wilhelm Reich

“There is no proof. There are no authorities whatever. No president, Academy, Court of Law, Congress or Senate on this earth has the knowledge or power to decide what will be the knowledge of tomorrow. There is no use in trying to prove something that is unknown to somebody who is ignorant of the unknown, or fearful of its threatening power. Only the good old rules of learning will eventually bring about understanding of what has invaded our earthly existence.”

~Wilhelm Reich – Dissing Federal Court

No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop us now. We’re the renegades of Junk.

No apology, the language is harsh, the message strong, we ain’t taking your bull meekly, no more, Zak I felt that same power to force change, still do.

Life force may be found in many things, not least a crowd expressing freedom!

Help the kids see, it’s all a pantomime, dont flinch at life’s threat, there’s nobody behind you.

Unity in chaos, quite the thing…similar to the Gifting Community, differing form

The last single I ever bought in 2009 (and had the album, 17years earlier), not from a charity shop anyway…

Simon Cowell, Cultural Bandit?

X-Factor… the message was clear, we’ve had enough, we want reality back?
Please form an orderly queue, back to your boxes?

Peace!!! ~Neo-Punk Gifter (as felt 2004-2009 – RIP Terton friends Don and Carol)

No. 1 & 2 – Belligerence to Materialism

With great glee. Dirtying my hands, to clean my Spirit.

Fort Royal Hill, Worcester, looking across to the Malvern Hills, The Queens Water, in before times.

Worcester has a rich history, not least the Civil War, and, my mother has lived within hundreds of yards of this battle site for 36years, myself 15+ in multiple spells.

My mothers house existed some 200years before the Final Battle of The Civil War (in 1651), yards away, had become a point of profound historical significance.

This worthless being. This Festival week, wishes to give Gold, to this Earth (Gifting).

So, above is a picture of a piece of Orgonite, 24Carat at top, 12Carat White Centre, 24Carat bottom, with a good quality Quartz set inside this 50/50 Organic/Inorganic offering. Taken from my mothers back yard.

Yesterday, the day before the Jubilee Beacon was (tonight) lit, on Fort Royal Hill (Peak of the Battle Site), myself and daughters went to the Park, to all play (in our own ways!!!).

Fort Royal Hill, looking towards the Cathedral, it is a lovely place my Mother settled us.

So, as the girls played, Daddy made quiet and felt where best to Gift this Gold back to the Earth.

After 10minutes of play, the girls had burnt enough excitement off to settle, so we then held hands in a circle, said a Prayer asking God to receive this Gift of Material back to your Earth, so you may bless the Earth with your Love (very private words of will to this effect).

With that, the third (direct to earth), of 108, is given from us, petty humans, to you Gods Spirits of the Earth.

John has gifted two, to two yew trees which are amongst the oldest trees in the World, being the first two, if memory is serving me! Once this piece was gifted, walked back to my Mothers and my sister informed me that there is a ”Beacon” being lit there, as one of 130 sites for the Platinum Jubilee the next evening (Auspicious).

This is later the following day, at Sunset Beacons were lit. Just yards from our Families gift to Worcester.

Whilst Queen Elizabeth accepted yet more jewels, stolen from their rightful owners, this Spirit was burying Materialism under a Beacon, to purify the energies tyranny disturbs? That is my will.

Subjective, the weather felt fresher to me after this. The forecast is now better, than it was.

September 3rd 1651 Cromwells Fort Royal Vantage Point. New Model Army Vs Royalists

Fort Royal and the Eastern Battle

While the forces were engaged South of the city, Charles, from his vantage point on top of Worcester cathedral’s tower, realised that an opportunity existed to attack the now-exposed eastern flank of the Parliamentary army. As the defenders on the Western side of the city retreated in good order into the city, Charles ordered two sorties to attack the Parliamentary forces east of the city. The north-eastern sortie through St. Martin’s Gate was commanded by the Duke of Hamilton and attacked the Parliamentary lines at Perry Wood. The south-eastern one, through Sidbury Gate, was led by Charles II and attacked Red Hill. Cromwell, seeing the difficulty that his east flank was under, rushed back over the Severn pontoon bridge with three brigades of troops to reinforce the flank.

Plaque at Fort Royal

Although they were pushed back, the Parliamentarians were too numerous and experienced to be defeated by such a move. For an hour, the Parliamentarians retreated before the unexpected attack. However, following their reinforcement by Cromwell’s three brigades, they reversed the situation and drove the Royalists back toward the city. The Royalist retreat turned into a rout in which Parliamentarian and Royalist forces intermingled and skirmished up to and into the city. The Royalist position became untenable when the Essex militia stormed and captured Fort Royal and turned the Royalist guns to fire on Worcester.

Meanwhile, the Royalist cavalry under the command of David Leslie that was gathered on Pitchcroft Meadow on the northern side of the city, did not receive orders to aid the sorties and Leslie chose not to do so under his own initiative. The non-participation of these troops remains something of an enigma and did the Royalist Army no favours.

Fort Royal Park today, overlooking the Commandery and the Cathedral

Returning to the city, legend has it that Charles II used an overturned ammunition cart to climb over Sudbury Gate, removed his armour and found a fresh horse; he attempted to rally his troops, but was unable to do so. A desperate Royalist cavalry charge down Sidbury Street and High Street, led by the Earl of Cleveland and Major Careless amongst others, allowed King Charles to escape along Friar Street to his lodgings and then leave by St. Martin’s Gate to the North and meet with some sixty of his officers. (Source = The Battle Of Worcester)

Getting the Spirits on side, may be a wise choice in life?

It was Auspicious Coincidence, that this was compelled to happen, the day before the Beacon, it was not known that the Beacon was happening, until immediately after the Gold was Buried there… timing!