Sir Duke – Ode To Father(s)

Dad embodied the Spirit of fun

When my father was passing, made a promise, I would try to embody, all that, which I felt was ”the best” of him, so he knew his spirit of seeking fun, would pass forward.

Love you always, may I show my girls how to enjoy life, as you tried to show me! Girls both had this played first time today, both Spirits lifted ready for school, both jigging and singing to it, on the way home!!!

Dad utterly adored his Grandchildren, this showed me his profound loving nature. Will never forget you, may I do 10% justice in showing my Girls your spirit, that will be a huge blessing achieved.

Working in London, we missed him so, the sun shone brighter around him. Mr Blue Sky
Mum said she fell in love with him, as he sung this song to her….

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