Total Harmony Of Mankind – Donald-Gene Kraus

“He furthered his education under Biochemist/Physicist Dr. Carey Reams; Herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher; and Iridologist Dr. Bernard Jenson from 1974-1978.”

The Concept Of Sticky Foods

Question: You talked about yeasty foods, the breads, the cheeses and the milk forming mucous; I do not quite understand that concept. It does not form mucous in itself… does not the peristaltic action get it out of the system?

No, we are talking about a mucous that is formed from foods that feed yeast when food stays too long in the body. When foods or liquids are sticky (starches, grains and meats), they do not have enough lubrication, so they do not get through the system quick enough; and if you do not have enough oxygen in your reserve bank account, these unfriendly critters come in, eat it, and form the bad mucous bacteria.

Question: Yeast is just a sticky substance, eventually your body gets rid of it does not it; or you eliminate it?

No, not if you do not have enough oxygen or lubrication (mucus membranes that produce lubricant). Will become a hard mass attaching itself to the intestinal tract.

Excerpts from : Total Harmony.pdf

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