Giving your internal Alchemy a helping hand

When reading Choose Life Or Death, it struck me how Carey Reams described the helpful nature of meal regularity. How the Liver is greatly helped by having very stable eating times, as the Liver/Pancreas may find this a great help, as it may learn or predict when certain Enzymes (et al) will be needed, so may prepare itself for the Alchemical needs on the body.

This is readily described, by Potato and many peoples tendency towards Hypoglycaemia when eating Potato. After some time it was realised, Johanna Budwig in her Protocol cited that 50grams of Potato boiled only was allowed, which seemed initially antagonistic to Reams, however, this is part of that same “routine” teaching, as outlined below.

Many people, myself included, are addicted to certain foods, Potato in this focus, is shown by the Linus Pauling Institute to break down into form almost identical to White Sugar. Being a long term Vegetarian myself, I was prone to having a large portion of chips (for example). Now in time, the body gains a muscle memory for this behaviour, often overshooting the Insulin creation, where even if you only have 50grams as Budwig allowed, the memory of previous large amounts of Potato are recalled by the Liver which sends large amounts of Enzymes to the Parncreas to produce excessive Insulin, or excess Amylase production.

Therefore, the body attempting to help the host, trigger’s Hypoglycaemia as it expects large amounts of Potato and drives the bodies blood sugar too low.

Many times, this creates a “Condition”, if we consult Medical types who do not view the broader dynamic of foods causing such instances.

The Linus Pauling studies, show that Potato stored cold or worse frozen exacerbates this dynamic of Potato being like White sugar as the Carbon chains are denatured.

When younger and not fully aware of this dynamic a co-worker avoided Potato completely and was clearly scared to have even 1 crisp in case this was triggered.

Go gently with your body and eating habits, the Alchemist(s) inside will thank you with feeling much better. If you have a long history of eating large amounts of something which makes you feel unwell after, consider this dynamic and be ready to help calm the body away from this state?

Smile, ‘it’s your choice.

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