Thousands of years, and, a day

This past Saturday, as Auspicious events marked the skies, and Eid is celebrated by our Muslim friends, it was a nice day to feel right to make some Orgonite, the first time in 3years.

These pieces were made up to a quality, rather than to a price.

First a Ruby Heart was set suspended, then a set of 22Carat Gold plated copper beads, and, Rose Gold plated Copper Beads. Then a central bed of 24Carat Gold, Rose Quartz, like shown, set into the first layers shown, 6Carat White Gold & 24Carat Gold layers. Then Aquamarine crystal set in core.
3 More layers of Golds, with Baltic Amber and Coppers in last 24Carat layer.
Quite the thing!
Would have liked to have used higher quality Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald centre stones, but the resin was 3years old, so could not risk the most precious stones, this time!
Gift for a friend. Never again (Tail snapped, much work!). Ruby Snout, Emerald Eyes, Peridot Fins, Aquamarine Crystal inside & 24Carat Gold.
Tool station. Leftovers lead to spontaneously making a 24Carat Chi beamer. Very Nice. Lovely Jade, a gift from a friend often sitting, quietly, in Taiwan.

Thanks for patience, and, my great tools, pins!!!

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