Feel your way into things? Auspicious Beginnings

This past week, has been the moment to start making Orgonite, to gift 108 friends, family, mostly of course special places. Hartgrove it must start.

There was never a doubt that this Spring felt very special. An inner sense intermittently felt was back, pushing, saying ”Help, its time”. This has led to a 3month 3week 3day renouncement of any work for money, or, even making Orgonite with intent of making anything, only trying to imbue the feeling my Children give me, that pure Gold Qi.

So, there has been a flourish, of wildlife paying interest, like nature is very happy at the spirit coming from our home?

As approaching my Orgonite room, a very relaxed friend sits on the Velux Window.
Calmly approach, swing door open expecting flight, nope, it turns and looks at me, still calm.
After inviting me this close, this friend takes flight. Beautiful moment.
This day, these ’Test’ pieces were being made, from odds here n there…
Had been rubbing copper coils on this Wire, Bug got a Qi bath and turned luminous!

So, these signs were very heartening, the ratios of Catalyst befuddled me, as the temperature swung up this week, plenty of cracks, but that is what these were for, to practise, and will be good enough to bury, no matter my petty desire for perfection?!

It is lovely when you get observable phenomena? This was lovely to see.

So, nature seemed to approve, though shortly after the Bird flew, was attacked by 3 Angry Wasps who all stung me, hilarious! If painful for 15minutes… What a day.

When the pieces were setting it was all about watching, feeling, how they felt the layer before, now better or worse? To progress and immerse, when making trying to capture the joy in my heart from Arya and Amber at play (they will be monumental if one day I may translate that!).

This is the same piece, which produced the visual phenomena above. Such colours.

So, how did the Skies respond, to the triangle of Oaks gifted, then this batch of Gold?

Swirling Vortex rising up, Cross adorning a rising Spirit?
12:45 Notice this Spirit?
Park, few miles from home.

Pretty favourable it appeared? Much particulate seemed to be cleared all day, bless these Spirits.

Then at first light today…

Things are feeling pretty good, the next place to gift is shown by the flash of Gold in the last three photos, hope you enjoy this!

Swift flying right passed, Arya was singing at Claysmore last week (day we Gifted the Spirit trees), where the ’Chandelier Scene’ was shot on Only Fools And Horses…
About as skilled as I felt these days!!! Cracks!!!

Thousands of years, and, three days

In the past week, I made some Orgonite, for the first time with the intention of being for my daughters.

It was beautiful, not as good qi as some, but soo proud was I…

2days later, take it to Sauna, to meditate, test it out…

Time slowed, mid-fumbling distraction, as it tumbled to the hard poolside floor.


Kung Fu Panda, Arya and Amber enjoy, why shouldn’t they?.

Drop it, smash it, this took a whole day to make (along with a couple of others), but that day, at the Sauna I inspired, just a little, two women who were dry in their hopes, and I was able to laugh about it, after a moments utter anguish, there was no internal tightening as it‘s only a thing, the event was immediately transmuted into more good for us, because the sadness did not stick.

The second lady, needed positive direction, so my mind was trawling ways to explain her greatness, that she was selectively choosing to caste as her foe. As my mind focused on this, I got up forgetting the piece on my lap, which led to it smashing, but it was worth smashing, to help this lady, of course.

Kids, when showing them and apologising, said “Oh well, it still looks kind of cool”, bless them, and it does, you can touch its insides now. Maybe there was a message for me here as well, to keep these safer and more hidden? But, the inspiration it seemed to induce, forces me to post and risk them being public.

This is the path, to know the reason and impermanent nature of all things. The second women, showed the piece and explained it had just been made for my daughter, she was really upset in that moment, then as I laughed it off, it showed her as well, the message that every single moment is a chance for teaching/learning, reacting better next time.

In years before, this would have really upset me, if my kids did it, it would have upset me, and, I would have struggled not to chastise them, fuel the bondages.

Making this stuff, has given me such challenge with a desire to create perfection, all it can be is a pretty big deal, that previously has eaten away my merit, when inevitably they are not, that this was my first ever pieces for my daughters, and, both are just not good enough feeling, yet it caused little stickiness to the loss, was a growthful experience, one which did not upset my delicate autonomic balance, lead to any sorrow cascade.

Such a set of messages, and learnings, from a simple accident. It created a profound sense of joy, the day was very special, as soo many are lately.

These moments are happening around all of us, right now, it’s our challenge not to form bondage. The experiences for most all, are very harsh and abrasive right now, but you are fully equip to handle anything, having held my first daughter, dead, for the first time, I know this, now able to celebrate her bravery in teaching us, my dear first child Isla.

Isla, was perfect. She taught us how to survive, then, flourish with Arya. She needed no lesson herself.

Rewritten, as accidentally deleted original. Better worded, perhaps.

Thousands of years, and, a day

This past Saturday, as Auspicious events marked the skies, and Eid is celebrated by our Muslim friends, it was a nice day to feel right to make some Orgonite, the first time in 3years.

These pieces were made up to a quality, rather than to a price.

First a Ruby Heart was set suspended, then a set of 22Carat Gold plated copper beads, and, Rose Gold plated Copper Beads. Then a central bed of 24Carat Gold, Rose Quartz, like shown, set into the first layers shown, 6Carat White Gold & 24Carat Gold layers. Then Aquamarine crystal set in core.
3 More layers of Golds, with Baltic Amber and Coppers in last 24Carat layer.
Quite the thing!
Would have liked to have used higher quality Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald centre stones, but the resin was 3years old, so could not risk the most precious stones, this time!
Gift for a friend. Never again (Tail snapped, much work!). Ruby Snout, Emerald Eyes, Peridot Fins, Aquamarine Crystal inside & 24Carat Gold.
Tool station. Leftovers lead to spontaneously making a 24Carat Chi beamer. Very Nice. Lovely Jade, a gift from a friend often sitting, quietly, in Taiwan.

Thanks for patience, and, my great tools, pins!!!

Carey Reams – Kathryn Kuhlman – The Holy Spirit Healings

4minutes 35seconds in, man very similar to Carey Reams talks to Kuhlman, about being able to hear again attending that fateful night.
The Holy Spirit Performing Miracles Through Kathryn Kuhlman

It is a real shame that the Author didn’t include Carey Reams case with Kuhlman in his book. In ‘Choose Life Or Death’ Reams recounts that he was at the brink of death, after suffering shrapnel piercing, and lodging in, his Pancreas during military service.

This genius biochemist was not able to heal himself, he reflected that he felt he was in his last week of life, this is what precipitated his attendance of Kathryn Kuhlmans Healing Service. Reams tells how he had no faith in a healing, but was given glowing reference by someone, and everything else had failed him.

As we see at the very start of the video at the top, Reams was healed by the Holy Spirit!

After this point in Reams life he appears to change quite significantly, he talks of focusing on healing a boy ceaselessly, for days, like a deep meditative reflection (it is my belief that in such situations, the person may be able to connect/touch the universal consciousness, people who encounter near death, such as Reams, appear to perhaps create a soul version of ‘muscle memory’, where subsequently they gain a significant enhancement in ability to connect again to this source).

He comes to a profound realisation, after this sequence of events, that he understands a set of biological variables, which when he tests with some reasonably simple tools, can deduce the biological energy status of the host. This is what he terms Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (RBTI). This developed understanding and testing methodology, coupled with his background as an agronomist, saw him become famous locally.

Two local Hospitals began to refer lost causes to him, during the next years:

Reams said: We tested over 24,000 people in 1970-1971. Over 10,000 of those came to us as “terminal”. We lost five. Those five we couldn’t keep alive for 30 days. (10K were referred to him directly by doctors for hopeless cases. He worked directly with a Florida hospital and doctors, often with the “hopeless cases.”)

1 hour 10 minutes Carey Reams Full Praise For Healing
Kuhlman speaking on receiving her honorary Doctorate
Mental Attitude

Choose Life : I believe in miracles.