May the 4th be with you

As a young boy in 1978, Star Wars : A New Hope lit the magical imaginings of myself, and, millions of others.

After the first film, my parents signed me up to the ”Star Wars Official Fan Club”, it was not obsessive, but seekers know, this is quite the story, in truth I mostly just wanted the Millennium Falcon toy, this subscription was likely much cheaper!

So, fast forward, 25years or so, and we go to see Dave Gorman, a comedian giving his ”Googlewhack Adventure” show. This is where he searched for a term with only 1 result on Google, and he adventured from this… most enjoyable show.

After this show I reflected that my online presence was nothing, had never been drawn to social media, as I knew it would stimulate, envy, jealousy, upset, hurt.

Of Facebook my feelings were “a data mining platform of (often) delusional self projections, is not for you”

So, one day soon after searching myself, no Googlewhack for this name (then on to family name etc) online, found that my family are an Avian Species from Star Wars! This led me to ponder, did they create random characters from ”Fan Club Members”? or, was it weird coincidence?

My people, Nom Anor, have a proverb about counting glitterflies when all one has is maggots.” ―Vergere to Nom Anor.

The Fosh were a sentient avian species from an unknown world, possibly hailing from the Corporate Sector.

Today, it is noticed the Gold Gemstone laden Egg (Vergere adorns his left wrist, to flick into palm and meditate, of course), and Amber beads (my other wonder filled daughter is named Amber). There was Amber used in the recent devices (shown below), my draw has been to make Egg shaped chi (the force) devices…

These ”prototypes” were from desire to create Egg shaped pieces, from an Avian Jedi Family lineage (in someones world). Even more surreal, had messaged my long time chi cohort in the UK, telling him ”Forget Feberge Eggs, Fosh Eggs!” The lack of vessel to shape the egg, is why these were not, Auspicious.

Around a year or two, before ”A New Hope” was released, at school I had taken to flying! This was not truly flying, or was it??? Reality is but an Abstract Concept, oh how my Psychology Lecturer used to love that term, he beamed chi every time he had the opportunity to relay it.

After lunch, some days, when the skies were blue and clouds rolled serenly, I found that you could lay on the edge of the playing field, where the hedges were planted they were raised, to create an ample cushion. After lunch, of likely too many sugars, to stifle the oxygen temporarily perhaps (as otherwise I would have been charging about, more like Monkey than the Tripitaka feel this created), I would lay on this verge and first gaze, then take flight amongst the heavens.

Soo many times, I tried calling my cloud, this was not the method! Although, the fast swirling of breath chi, into a counter clockwise spin, may have some merit? Worked for Monkey, after all.

After doing this a few days, another child said ”what are you doing?” as I may have appeared strange, feet hanging out the hedge! Once I told the boy ”I’m flying amongst the clouds”, he two lay next to me and began the same…

The next school day, was informed at Lunch ”Laying in the hedge is banned”.

Too young, to challenge Mrs Anderson?

As a young boy, both arms were fractured, at 5 and then 6, from jumping from climbing frames beyond my capabilities. At about 7 I recall jumping from my parents Bungalow flat roof, with a bin bag in each hand, that I was sure would create two balloons to gentle my fall, it did not and taught me a valuable lesson on this bodies fallibilities, to achieve my dreams.

By 19, most weeks I found another form of flight, alongside this man and his band, several times, plus countless others, stage diving, teacher couldn’t stifle my, nor Vedders, will to fly.

Was going to type, Vedder was less fearful, or more Monkey, than me. Then reflected, at this young age I would somersault from Bridges or high rock faces, so we were kin, seeking flight, both frequenting the margins before lunacy.

The Egg – No corners, continuous flow.

“Be water, my friend”

Bless these times.

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