Mandela Effect 11:11 Mandala Effect

The path towards sublime;

My promise to God, was to try to follow the Noble path, to Demonstrate it to Arya.
CERN Large Hadron Collider = STRIKINGLY Similar, but distorted, to the AriyaMagga above.

Since this machine, the LHD started messing with the foundational matter of the universe, it has become tougher and tougher, to follow the path.

People now, seem much more drawn, or better situationally induced, to living ”Fight or flight”, rather than ”Rest and repair”… just the sort of change, a shift in electromagnetic focus, demonstrated in the above two pictures, may induce, if that is absorbed into our being?

Is mankinds kindness, under attack, by subtle shifts in our autonomic balance?

Lets hope this machine isn’t running on the 15th (or its countless other scattered, mini, demon creating, darkness inducers). Many scientists from Kansas worked on the Original 2012 research (those Mayans, that Calendar, the world certainly does appear to have ended then, the way it was, that is beyond reasonable argument, to someone with firm reflection).

Kansas gone bye-bye? (metaphorically, little doubt)

In a celebratory video, the CERN scientist above holds the placard, ”Mandela”

The Mandela effect, ramped up in 2013, hugely, masses of films, song lyrics, brands, things, changed from that which we clearly remember. NASA now purports Earth being two places, one which is seemingly historical, fragmented, which Carl Sagan and Neil Tyson DeGrasse quote us residing, and, may still be found on NASA’s website:

Life has felt like, the force in many, has become more self centred, selfishness seems more abound, related? Sagan says ”we’re out in the suburbs”, yet we now find ourselves right in the thick of it, like a city centre, where people are more self centred???

One for me, profound, was The Matrix, watched the film at least a dozen times…

What if I told you, “What If I told you” was never in The Matrix? What???

This set of changes, brought me great disquiet, loads were noticed as an innate sensitive it made life tough, as others who saw didn’t want to reflect why, just brush it off.

My mother was told of the Bible Changes, she saw them herself, as I questioned :

”Mum, you used to go to Church, Bible readings, what is it ”the something shall lay with the Lamb?”

My mother replied ”The Lion”, then went and got her 60+ year old Bible, she had and read from Childhood, found the passages, read them, said ”That’s changed”.

Then, she looked at the page more broadly, reflecting, ”and, that map has changed” on the opposite page. Then, to my amazement, my mother said ”So, what? why does it matter”, as her brain sought to anestetise the experience, to prevent it seeping into her Long Term Memory.

Why does it matter? Mum, I am of profound faith, but how can I tell my daughters to read and follow a book, the words of God, when we see it has changed, from Lion to Wolf?

Why does it matter? Who am I?

This was deeply unsettling, it felt, that all of a sudden (this was in 2015) most of the world I experienced had changed. Like, one could say, either this was a new world to my experience, or, a demon had gained access to Gods control panel.

Telling people, everyone seemed to be able to see them, but would hold such profound grips, to ways of not allowing it into Long Term Memory, ”That is soo That’s soo ,weird, now did you want a coffee?”.

Mainstream media, failing to write it off as False Memory, no, changed reality

This is but a hollographic reality, anyway, a teaching code…

This is ”The Great Wall Of India”, went right passed this in 1994, it is not in my memory and was not in the Travel Guide?

Personally, it confirmed the holographic nature of reality more clearly. Nothing has truly changed, as it is all material labels, but it is something very deep to ponder.

Of course it is… nothing changed, it’s everyones minds that are faulty

Lately it feels like demons have hijacked reality, bad timing, being revelation and all. Chumps.

This film, suggests it is all AI, maybe, more likely AI helped CERN open cracks between dimensions, Gaps demons can traverse, AI Pioneer Geordie Rose talks of ”Lovecraftian Type Entities” which will follow through…

Choose Life this day, feed merit not greed, starve these demons.

Nourish the spark of love in your heart, fear not these projections.

Underneath all of this, There is no anything?

Please God, show us the truth, no matter the cost.

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