Feel your way into things? Auspicious Beginnings

This past week, has been the moment to start making Orgonite, to gift 108 friends, family, mostly of course special places. Hartgrove it must start.

There was never a doubt that this Spring felt very special. An inner sense intermittently felt was back, pushing, saying ”Help, its time”. This has led to a 3month 3week 3day renouncement of any work for money, or, even making Orgonite with intent of making anything, only trying to imbue the feeling my Children give me, that pure Gold Qi.

So, there has been a flourish, of wildlife paying interest, like nature is very happy at the spirit coming from our home?

As approaching my Orgonite room, a very relaxed friend sits on the Velux Window.
Calmly approach, swing door open expecting flight, nope, it turns and looks at me, still calm.
After inviting me this close, this friend takes flight. Beautiful moment.
This day, these ’Test’ pieces were being made, from odds here n there…
Had been rubbing copper coils on this Wire, Bug got a Qi bath and turned luminous!

So, these signs were very heartening, the ratios of Catalyst befuddled me, as the temperature swung up this week, plenty of cracks, but that is what these were for, to practise, and will be good enough to bury, no matter my petty desire for perfection?!

It is lovely when you get observable phenomena? This was lovely to see.

So, nature seemed to approve, though shortly after the Bird flew, was attacked by 3 Angry Wasps who all stung me, hilarious! If painful for 15minutes… What a day.

When the pieces were setting it was all about watching, feeling, how they felt the layer before, now better or worse? To progress and immerse, when making trying to capture the joy in my heart from Arya and Amber at play (they will be monumental if one day I may translate that!).

This is the same piece, which produced the visual phenomena above. Such colours.

So, how did the Skies respond, to the triangle of Oaks gifted, then this batch of Gold?

Swirling Vortex rising up, Cross adorning a rising Spirit?
12:45 Notice this Spirit?
Park, few miles from home.

Pretty favourable it appeared? Much particulate seemed to be cleared all day, bless these Spirits.

Then at first light today…

Things are feeling pretty good, the next place to gift is shown by the flash of Gold in the last three photos, hope you enjoy this!

Swift flying right passed, Arya was singing at Claysmore last week (day we Gifted the Spirit trees), where the ’Chandelier Scene’ was shot on Only Fools And Horses…
About as skilled as I felt these days!!! Cracks!!!

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