Moreless Alkalising & Remineralising Drink

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Enclosed is the recipe for the drink from the website which is now closed til a new site is up.
The Moreless Alkalizing Drink

Here’s a great alkalizing drink that can help
remineralise you quickly and cheaply!
This is an amazing power packed, mineral and nutrient
dense drink that will not only help to alkalize you, but
will give you loads of electrically charged energy! It may
be taken 2-3 times a day as needed.

1. 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses (it may be Unsulphured )

2. Juice of half a lemon (OR 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar if you can’t take citrus or get hold of lemons)

3. 1 + tablespoon pickling lime water (how to make pickling lime water : 1 tablespoon of pickling lime powder, aka calcium hydroxide, diluted in 1 gallon (=4 litre) of distilled water) *see safety notes below*

4. Small pinch of Epsom salts

5. Norwegian kelp powder 1 + teaspoons

6. 1 glass of clean water to mix it with

*** you can take a lot MORE pickling lime water and “Kelp”
than is suggested above. Start slow and if things don’t
improve, slowly build up. Some of us use up to 20
tablespoons of pickling lime water and up to 2
tablespoons of kelp powder each time ***

The chemical reaction between the acid in the lemon
juice and the alkaline minerals in the molasses releases
energy into the body and makes the minerals more

*Dissolve the blackstrap molasses and epsom salts in
warm water (leave to cool if desired)

*Add 1 (or more) tablespoons of pickling lime water

*Add the lemon or ACV (I sometimes add both) Add these
only when the drink has cooled down, you don’t want to
destroy the enzymes

*Some people like to mix their kelp in with their drink,
some just put the kelp straight into their mouths
Special note on the kelp!: Most people find the taste
absolutely vile ?

it may help to moisten it and your mouth first so you
don’t gag! Some people use a straw to bypass the taste.
But this really is an essential part of the drink and is
packed with loads of minerals and complex carbohydrates,
so do what you need to do to get it down! And yes, kelp
is available in capsules, but the powder is much cheaper.

(This is an edit .. after several months of taking the
kelp powder, it no longer tastes so vile! I am becoming
immune to the taste – hooray!)
… And drink!

If you are chronically ill: I suggest you start with
with just a teaspoon of kelp and a tablespoon of the
pickling lime water along with all the other
ingredients. Over time, start building up on both those
ingredients until you can manage 2-3 teaspoons of kelp
and 2-4 tablespoons of the picking lime water in each
drink. You don’t have to drink it all at once, you can
also sip it over a few hours.

When someone has been chronically ill for a while, a
drink like this might create a powerful reaction and
start to release acids from organs and tissues too
quickly, that is why I am suggesting you start slow.
(Better to aim for minimal discomfort while you begin to
rebuild your health)
Can you make a batch in advance?

You can mix the Blackstrap Molasses, pickling Lime water
and kelp together without the Lemon juice or the ACV and
keep this cool – then add the ACV or Lemon juice just
before drinking. The batch should be ok for a day, but
not longer than two days. Fresh is best!
Heath Notes:

*Blackstrap molasses should be unsulphured. Sulphur is
acid forming.
*If using apple cider vinegar, buy organic and
unpasteurised (*with mother*) so full of active enzymes.
Otherwise, just find a good source of unpasteurised ACV.
*Pickling lime is normally found in the pickling/canning
section of shops. Your alternative is to buy calcium
hydroxide powder and put 1 tablespoon of the powder in 1
gallon of distilled water and use that as your pickling
lime solution.
*Buy food grade epsom salts.
*Kelp is apparently purest from Norway, and it is better
if it is finely powdered.
*If you are very acidic, you can also add a pinch of
epsom salts or a tablespoon of ACV with a tablespoon of
pickling lime water to your normal glasses of water (the
pickling lime provides calcium by the way).

I’ve been happily drinking the above 2-3 times a day.
And it has a buzz to it!
To keep your mineral reserves up, to every glass of
water throughout the day, you may also add a tablespoon
of pickling lime water (plus a dash of lemon or ACV)
The Moreless alkalizing drink is basically a very cheap
and effective method of creating alkalinity and is NOT
meant as a substitue for a wholesome diet with complex
carbs as is found in foods like green veges. The drink
is basically a method to get us more alkaline quicker,
but it is NOT the way to become alkaline totally, that
takes some effort!

What Moreless is presenting people here are various
options. Not everyone is prepared or able to go all the
way with eating right. So he is giving people easy and
cheap ways to kick start their healing whilst finding
their way at improving their diet, which will in turn be
the most important part of their healing. The kelp and
molasses are packed full of minerals that may be
difficult for people to find in the foods that are
available to them right now.
Moreless on the alkalizing drink: HERE
The Epsom salts, pickling lime water, lemon juice or ACV
create the electro-magnetic energy so that our bodies can make
the best use of the minerals.

can’t get hold of the pickling lime water.)
CALCIUM HYDROXIDE (also known as – pickling lime
water/Ca(OH)2/slaked lime/biocalc/lime water etc.)

In concentrated powdered form, this stuff is a skin, eye
and respiratory irritant. It is CORROSIVE and causes
burns. Should you be using this concentrated form to
dilute with water before use, please protect yourself by
wearing safety glasses, gloves and minimize your
exposure to the dust itself.
There are no safety issues if you buy the pre made
pickling lime water.

Remember, the drink asks for 1 (to 4) tablespoon of the
diluted lime water – you take 1 tablespoon of the powder
and add it to a gallon of water. You do NOT add the
powder directly to your drink!

This powder is also incompatable with strong acids!

Start small and slow, and add more after checking your
response. We are all unique, so someone else’s ideal
doseage may not be the same as yours.

My suggestion is to make up your solution outdoors. This
powder is very fine and fluffy, it’d be easy to
accidently spill some on your kitchen or bathroom floor
for unsuspecting kids and pets to walk on.

More useful information about Calcium Hydroxide here:

The following is as good a description of calcium
hydroxide as I can find (albeit it’s relating to use in
aquariums, but surely applicable when considering human

“A preferred method of calcium supplementation comes in
the form of calcium hydroxide, known as “kalkwasser” to
reef aquarists. Calcium hydroxide has a chemical formula
of Ca(OH)2, in other words, it supplies one Ca+2 ion for
every two OH- ions. Calcium hydroxide can be mixed at
approximately 2 teaspoons [5.7g Ca(OH)2] per gallon (or
1.5g/L) of filtered freshwater to attain approximately
800mg/L calcium solution to be dripped slowly into the
reef aquarium. A beneficial side effect of using calcium
hydroxide is that the OH- (hydroxide) ions maintain the
pH of the aquarium by neutralizing acids present in the
aquarium, thereby helping to maintain (but not build)
the alkalinity in the aquarium. One could use pickling
lime, which is also calcium hydroxide.

Smile Tis your choice.

Chooselife Notes : Moreless is not talking third person here, there are somewhat un-obvious replies to forum questions mixed into this post. Website =


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