Reams and the Bibles Clean Meats

When reading about the diets of others, I kept coming across this concept of clean meats, but never took any time to learn (long term Vegetarian).

However, now my girls are being raised on a diet with Animal matter, I find it much better to understand what may help, or, potentially harm my daughters vitality and growth.

So, we have the concept of “Clean Meats” as stated in Leviticus:

Not a recommendation of safety by ChooseLife. Perhaps, for the author, less unsafe!

Now, alone this may be of great benefit, some may still find they do not feel good at all on meat. However for those who feel the need for animal matter in their diet, enter Dr Reams :

Dr Reams:

For six weeks I did tests on him, without any limiting of his diet whatever. And he was slowly getting worse. I took that information then and began to weigh it out, day by day by day.

I found out then, every day that he ate the unclean foods such as catfish, shrimp, lobster, pork, ham, bacon, sausage, pork chops, spare ribs, or whatnot, his energy dropped. In the other days, it either held its own or kind of gained a little. It’s so much easier to bring it down than it is to bring it up.

So what I found out was that the unclean meats digest in a period of three hours and the clean meats in a period of 18 hours average. Now that is a difference! When meats digest too fast, they throw too much high-powered energy into your system at one time, and it burns you up. I have seen many people in their late thirties or early fortiesTo look at them, you’d think they were in their late seventies because they had eat so much high-powered foods, until it burned them up.

Dr Reams and Dan Skow Food Class

ChooseLife : That, is huge data, huge, if anybody needs to understand it.

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