What is insurmountable?

Just about the most inspiring film, you may be blessed to watch, on soo many levels


Tommy Caldwell, had lost a key climbing finger, how could he become better?
They thought nobody could climb this face, with 10 fingers, nobody ever had…
Not much space for wearing the bondages of others, up there…
Kevin Jorgeson ”Nothing left to do, but, just take a couple of deep breaths”.
Given to fly… This was his dream, his vision, his dedication manifesting a new reality of ”Possibility for others”, Tommy knew he could fly.
Perseverance, endurance, belief, support, anything is possible.

Tommy Caldwell ”We are capable of soo much more, than we can ever imagine”.

Life took a key tool away, oh well, I’ve got 9 more… being more, than thought possible, by others. He didn’t form bondage to those doubting thoughts.

The Priest’s Of The Pistes.

God, delivered Caldwell his wings, cultural immortality, but, he gave them up, until Jorgeson found his too…
When the mind can fly, and the flight is from the heart… impossible becomes possible.

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