No. 13 – 17 Shaftesbury, World Heart Chakra?

When starting thinking about gifting again, due to a historical affinity with Gold Orgonite, it seemed entirely appropriate to Gift 108, in a kind of homage to Don & Carol Croft.

Feelings were used as much as possible, however fate intervened, as whilst thinking of places and researching energetics, then Shaftesbury sprang out, making me feel neglectful of our lovely local town!

Source : Earth Chakras Org

Shaftesbury – Co-location with Glastonbury of World Heart Chakra

After seeing this, research brought out a sense of shame, that after gifting thousands of places, Shaftesbury, large tower below aside, had been overlooked and never much thought of as a place to focus Gifting.

Daughters looking across the beautiful countryside from Abbey Walk

This map, seems an extension of the writings of Katharine Maltwood, an Arts and Craft Sculptress, who travelled the worlds significant pilgrimage, sights, studied various historical perspectives to collate her views and supposition.

So, now it makes clearer, why soo many were drawn to the Hovis advert by Ridley Scott:

Britains favourite ever Advert. The hill itself has such ambience.

We had gifted our way in, Hartgrove and Melbury Hill. So, whilst my daughters were Dancing ”Steps in Time” two weekends ago, gifted a small piece to the Abbey Gardens.

When gifting, keenly following my heart and inner voice, nowhere in the Gardens stood out to me (that could be gifted), had always loved being there, so when Laozu told that he felt three pleasant spirits there, it was no surprise. There is a spot which drew me, but nowhere convenient to leave a gift, so another day.

St Edward The Martyr, has a raised Shrine, after his remains rose, miracles were reported by those touching his body, sight restored in a blind woman. King Alfred was originally buried here. Now my daughters dance there!
Daighters on the Snow Drop Procession, Gold Hill 2023

So, feeling fine with one small gift, as we walked from the Abbey to The Show Ground, decided to place a large gold piece, near Shaftesburys biggest eye sore, and, biggest electromagnetic disruptive influence:

Now a Golden Qi Transmitter? If not yet, soon, very soon!!!

This felt superb. So, we enjoyed the Shaftesbury Fair and watched the skies the following days…

Spirited away, creating a place Spirits may come through to clean off?

The reaction in the skies, is amplified by making lots of Gold Orgonite, setting it on the Cloudbuster, some days it is a Bucket of Gold:

Sylphs have loved the new Gold around the 15 year old, previously very tired, Cloudbuster
Flew into my shed last night, whilst making Orgonite!

So, what dear late friend pioneer Don Croft used to love hearing, were positive confirmations, the Skies and nature is openly happy. The following weekend (July 9th), Arya and Amber joined me to Gift the historical area of Shaftesbury.

We walked from the Abbey, to Castle Hill, along Love lane…

After gifting two small pieces near here, the Girls danced with a Dragonfly 😍

The girls were a little tentative as the Yew Tree was along a path edged with Stinging Nettles, but once there, they loved it and the Tree felt like it enjoyed being played upon!

The yew is in the old ”Shaston” part of Shaftesbury, said over 2,000 years old. St Johns Hill

The girls climbed, carefully, had some fun near, so the Spirit of the tree could feel joy from innocent play. Then near by we buried the piece of Gold Orgonite.

On the way back, along Love lane, we gifted another piece of Gold, amongst the huge Pine Trees, making a crude triangulation of this very old, historically important place.

Love Lane, has this Heart Ruby, Golds and Aquamarine piece, buried amongst old spirits. It cracked when dropped, but buried now so the aesthetics matter not?
Invigorated! If the Heart and Third Eye Chakras are here, they are getting the Gold Treatment!

Chakra Four: Glastonbury and Shaftesbury (excerpted from

Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset define the centre of the Earth’s Heart Chakra. In order for the force of greater life to be directed to maximum effect, the Grail of Immortality must be permeated by the Wand of the True Will. Glastonbury is the home of the Holy Grail; and Shaftesbury is the high place of the Sacred Spear of Purpose. When the earth energies of Glastonbury unite with those of Shaftesbury, then the Rainbow Serpent ley artery is able to deliver the immortalizing frequencies of the Holy Grail to all beings worldwide. 

The great circle of the Rainbow Serpent travels from Uluru to Bali to Mt. Kailas to Sergiev Posad (Zagorsk), then crosses Denmark before entering England near Great Yarmouth. As this broad ley river crosses England it sweeps through many famous sacred sites, all of which contribute to the world heart chakra. Avebury Stone Circle and the Tor at Glastonbury are perhaps the two most famous of these heart “acupuncture” points. If you imagine this ley artery as having width, then Shaftesbury is near its southern back, while Glastonbury is on the northern bank. 

It was said during Medieval times that if the Abbot of Glastonbury married the Abbess of Shaftesbury, then their children would be wealthier than the King of England. This is an alchemical riddle. If you unite the archetypes of the two areas, then love is united with will in a way that is revolutionary. For those who study the Cabala, this alchemical formula unites Binah (Grail) with Chokmah (Wand). The Grail, directed by the Will of the Earth spirit, has the power to dissolve all boundaries between nations. If the heart of the Earth expands to its full circle, then – throughout the world – pain, suffering, and physical death among all species will fade from experience and memory. 

The most famous legend of Glastonbury tells the story of Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail. After the Resurrection of Jesus, Joseph shifted the archetype of Everlasting Life – the Grail – from Jerusalem to Glastonbury. This ritual act established the foundation for the eventual shift of the mobile world sixth chakra from the activation circle for the Aeon of Pisces, 2000 years ago, to the present Aquarian Aeon area in western Europe. Currently, the mobile sixth chakra is conjunct the Earth’s Heart Chakra. 

To move world solar plexus energies to Chakra Four, the principal direction is from Uluru-Katatjuta to Bali to Mt. Kailas (Chakra Seven), to Sergiev Posad, Russia to Shaftesbury-Glastonbury. As this Rainbow Serpent force travels around the world it absorbs and releases information at the various sites. Shaftesbury, in particular, acts to decode information brought by the Rainbow Snake from Mt. Kailas, in Tibet.

It is also possible to shift the force from Chakra Three to Four by utilizing the opposite direction on the Rainbow Snake – from Uluru to Lake Titicaca, over the Azores, into Cornwall, and up to Glastonbury-Shaftesbury. Also, a simultaneous dual impulse in both directions would complete a great world circle involving the Following Earth Chakras: Two, Three, Four, Six, and Seven.

Chakra Six: The Aeon Activation Centre, mobile

This earth chakra, like the others, has a geometrical centre and an ideal, expanded circumference. The difference is that this “third eye” moves 1/12th of the way around the world, to the west, at the dawn of each new Aeon. The great Aeons are determined by a slow revolution of the Earth’s axis. The names given to these Aeons are taken from the 12 signs of the zodiac. Currently, we are said to be leaving the Aeon of Pisces, and entering the Aeon of Aquarius. Sometime after 4000 AD, this shift occurs again, when the Earth enters the Capricornian Aeon …

When the time arrives, the Earth spirit sends out a signal which invites all interested forces to gather in a certain geographical area for the purpose of inaugurating a new age. As these forces coalesce, the world sixth chakra establishes itself, begins to operate, and expands. This chakra remains in place for 150 to 200 years – long enough for the new Aeon archetypes to be instituted – and then it dissolves. Over two millennia ensue, and then the call goes out again to gather 1/12th to the west.

The purpose of this activity is to distill the gathered wisdom of life on Earth from over the centuries, and then to use these fruits of wisdom to open new directions of Earth evolution. In each great Aeon, different themes are emphasised. Compassion, for example, was a key Word of the previous Piscean Aeon; physical immortality is the word of the new, emerging Aquarian Age.

At the present time (1904 to 2084) the sixth chakra is geographically conjunct with the world heart chakra in western Europe. In terms of time, this Aquarian frequency was at its most potent in April and May of 2008 AD. Worldwide cultural forces which accelerated at that time reach their full maturity in 2065 AD.

In many regions of the world, there are legends of the Immortals. Often, when these stories imagine a collective body of immortals, an invisible city is named. Examples of this are Pulaki (Bali), Shambhalla (Mongolia), Avalon (England), and The Church of the First Born (biblical). These legends interpret a revolutionary truth – immortality has existed for a long time on Earth. Often, the immortals follow very individualistic, solitary pathways, hidden from the outer world. Then, when the Earth spirit summons all forces for the birth of a new Aeon, many of these social misfits make new contributions to the new area and its new themes. This coalition is temporary, and, after the Aeon is activated, all parties resume their individual pathways for another 2000+ years.

Here is a list of the geometrical centres for the most recent Aeons, and for two future Aeons: Gemini – Tai Shan, China; Taurus – Mt. Belukha, Siberia; Aries – Kun-E-Malek-Siah, Iran; Pisces – Mt. of Olives, Great Pyramid, Middle East; Aquarius – Glastonbury-Shaftesbury, England; Capricorn – near Recife, Brazil; Sagittarius – near Manaus, Brazil. (Brazil plays an important role in the next two Aeons, circa 4000 and 6000 AD.)

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