Bill Munro Vs The Coronavirus

Bill brought inhalation of H2O2 to the publics attention, he used it 5-6 pumps, 6 or 7x a day. To keep his Oxygen levels high, to keep the Viruses out, which come when Oxygen is down.

This was something I tried many years ago, but didn’t feel a direct or urgent need to do, so put it into my memory locker.

However, after studying this new Viral Epidemic which increasingly surrounds us, I pulled the information back to my short term memory to mix with the pH principles I had been reflecting on.

My daughter has suffered from Chronic Lung Disease as a result of being born at 24weeks gestation, so Oxygen and Viral susceptibility has been something I am used to reflecting deeply upon.

Anyway, the data shows that if you are of a lower pH, this virus group (Corona) is 10x more forceful and you are 10x more susceptible (at a pH of 6 Vs 7), so after ensuring I got my diet plans and supplements into order, I began to reflect over and over how else I can best prepare.

This is when Bill Munro came back to my mind, so I ordered 2x Nasal Vaporiser’s for about £3, and I decided that I would start taking a similar number of rounds of H2O2 as Bill did, but diluted to 1.5% with 50% Distilled water and 50% Food Grade H2O3 at 3%.

The literature for killing the Virus shows that 0.5% H2O2 kills the virus in 1 Minute, so 1.5% should be effective in 20 Seconds or thereabouts. So, to my unqualified mind, this leads me to presume that several rounds of this daily may safeguard me against this threat, if not preventing it from entering my airways entirely, then at least killing it off 5-6 times a day, minimising the intensity of the infection as best I may.

When I have talked of this method to others, peoples minds immediately seem to jump to “you are swallowing bleach”, with a shocked reaction, yet I explain that this is simply water with an extra Oxygen molecule attached, which people regularly treat their teeth with at 7% some 450% stronger than I am using. People seem to not bat an eyelid at using 4.5x stronger bleach for their teeth and vanity, yet to stave of seemingly very harsh virus people react like I am the crazy one!

This method along with Alkalising my terrain via diet and supplements are the best methods I have encountered to protect myself against this horrid viral outbreak.

If the outbreak worsens in the UK, I am intending to upgrade to the full 3%

Thank you Bill.

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  1. I have been using Bill Munro’s h202 inhalation method for quite a few years now. Typically, year round, I use it after I get up and 2 or 3 hours before I go to bed. About 6 pumps and hold it for about 30 seconds. When I feel a cold ramping up I will increase it to 4 to 6 times per day. Since using this method I have not had a full blown cold in quite a few years now. But, interestingly enough I do get some symptoms that tells me I would have gotten a full blown cold if I had not been using the h202. With using it I never get a cough or nasal problems like with a regular cold I just feel down and a cold always bothers me in my eyes. But. I am usually back to normal in a week or so. So, when this coronavirus thing hit and I heard the symptoms of shortness of breath along with a cough I decided to really go heavy on the h202 while this virus is at its worst. I have not had any breathing problems or shortness of breath but, I did have some of the other symptoms. I went and got tested Wed. of last week but, have not gotten the results yet. I walk about a mile every day and work out a little with weights. I lost my sense of taste for about 2weeks and that in conjunction with a few other symptoms is what made me think I might be positive. Bad headaches, no temperature, no cough, no shortness of breath but very tired and somewhat confused at times. I am not a Doctor so I don’t know if the h202 had anything to do with it or not but, I do definitely believe in it. Also, you might find it interested when I get symptoms of getting a cold I also will put h202 in my ears every few days and let it stay for about 5 minutes on each side and I use a sinus rinse with saline and h202. I am a true believer in the stuff. Stay well.

    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your reflections.

      I hope the results came back negative and you are fit and well.

      In my working environment it seems numerous people are feeling out if whack presently, it seems some sort of environmental issue is affecting many people’s sleep, dreams, moods, tummies and lymph (Lymphopenia is found in 82% of positive tests requiring ventilation, FWIW). Taking the best care of our diet and emotions is just as important as physical activity it seems clear.

      Good luck and thanks again for your input.

      Best well wishes, Rich

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